Pre-wedding photoshoot royal national park

Lana & Luke Pre-wedding photoshoot

Lana & Luke pre-wedding photoshoot

Some people meet their soulmate, and they just know it. That was certainly not the case with Lana and Luke. Lana turned Luke down initially, but Luke was persistent. Luke knew he had found someone worth his time, and so he got up the courage to ask again. Only a few short years later, they are set to enjoy the best day of their lives, but they were nervous. They both hate photos. So when Lana suggested to Luke that they do a pre-wedding photoshoot with me, he was skeptical. Can you blame him? 

The big day had arrived. It was time to face the camera. Let me say, they both arrived full of energy, not bad for a couple that were extremely nervous. I mean, let’s think about it for a second, most people have never done a pre-wedding photoshoot before, so it is only fair that they would be a bit nervous. Would that be fair? Of course! But no more than 5 minutes into the shoot and they were all laughter, so relaxed. It was like we had been friends for years. Naturally, the beautiful images just kept flowing. Nothing makes for more stunning images than a couple that are comfortable, and having a good time. That is the (not so secret) secret. 

As the shoot concluded, I realised they were so pumped. They didn’t want to leave. Lana explained, “this whole thing has been such a confidence boost”. Only 2 hours ago they were beyond nervous! Now they didn’t want to leave, and were full of confidence and belief that they looked amazing (they were so not wrong). That, is the brilliance behind the pre-wedding photoshoot. They give you an opportunity to work out you nerves with your photographer. They give you a chance to work together and get friendly. And not least of all, they are just so much fun. Make sure to get in touch with me here if you would like to chat more about booking in or planning a pre-wedding photoshoot. The images below are just a few of my favourites, for the full gallery check out here.

pre-wedding photoshoot at Royal national park

       Pre-wedding photoshoot royal national park

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