Anna & Dawie – Blue Mountains Engagament Session

I was watching the forecast, and it wasn’t looking good, let’s just say that. I contact Anna, and said if she wanted to reschedule we could, after all it was a 2.5 hour drive for them and myself to the location, so would hate to get there and be rained out. Anna, in true champion fashion, said she was keen to do the shoot in the rain if that was what it took, and if I was keen too, we should still do it.

Well, you know me! I was super keen, so jumped in my car and headed out. When we got there, after a quick 45 minute drive down a track that saw 4 cars bogged (it’s a rough track), we got there. Parked. Grabbed our stuff and set off to the other side of the mountain.

And wow…were we rewarded! Our own little slice of paradise. Gorgeous lighting (yep, photographer nerd in me was cheering)! Everything was working, and best of all, no rain! Loads of wind, but that was perfect!

About 15 minutes from the end, about 1.5km from the car, we felt a sprinkle…and then we felt it like a waterfall! No joke, it went from zero to 500 in a quarter second! So what did we do? Laughed at our misfortune and kept shooting. These two weren’t joking about it either, they were spinning, dancing, tackling each other in the rain! It was honestly so much fun.

As we walked around the side of the mountain in what can only be described as the most torrential rain I have experienced in my 31 years on earth, we were greeted with a 2 minute window without rain, and with the most stunning rainbow over the valley. You better believe we took advantage of that shit.

The drive back, was even rougher, with visibility of only a few metres, vicious winds, and a completely destroyed track, we managed to make it out (unlike so many of the sedans that tried to do the track…honestly, stop it!).

Was it worth it? Well, I say so, and so does Anna & Dawie, but why not check out the gallery for yourself. If you would like to do something as crazy and adventurous as this for your wedding or engagement session, get in touch now and let’s work something out.


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