To me, an elopement is about being genuine and raw. There should be no compromises when it comes to telling your story

Let’s face it, your love story is totally different to every other love story on earth, right? So why would you ever be expected to fit into a ‘wedding template’ or compromise on what you want? You shouldn’t. Eloping with me is all about doing things your way. It’s about adventuring, exploring, enjoying each others company. That’s why I do this, the ability to tell unique stories is what excites me.

5 things about me

I’ve never said no to a good drop of whiskey or an IPA, best enjoyed on a summer’s day after mowing the lawns.

I have a collection of guitars at home that gets me in trouble with my wife a lot. I have to stop buying them (never)!

I bleed red. We visited Liverpool FC’s home stadium (Anfield) on my honeymoon and I cried for a half an hour.

Everything I do is for my family. Nothing comes above them. It’s actually why I only take 15 jobs a year.

If you thought I got in trouble with the guitars, the vintage cameras are a whole other thing, but they’re so cool!

My partners in crime

Meet my little family, my daughter Mia, wife Daniela, and crazy labrador, Lola. These are my people. We absolutely love being outdoors, and we love travelling. In fact, I often bring them with me when I travel for work. Mia and Lola are full of energy, so setting them free at a beach is my go to way to tire them out. In fact, afternoons spent on Surfers Paradise beach collecting shells and fly kicking waves (Mia not me) is probably my perfect way to end a day.

I love having the opportunity to spend days at a time with Mia and Daniela. One of the reasons I created a business like this as opposed to becoming a Lawyer or Psychologist (I did 12 years at University too), is so that I wouldn’t miss a moment. Something my dad said to me when I was younger stuck with me forever, “time comes and goes, and once it’s gone, it isn’t coming back, so enjoy it while you can“.

People who know me know I am a total girl dad. I wear the colourful sparkly bracelets Mia makes me. I let her do my makeup before going to dinner. I let her try to braid my (very short) hair. There is honestly nothing in the world more important to me than spending time with my girls, they’re my everything.

Really get to know me, watch below

why I specialise in elopements & intimate weddings

One of the main reasons was I was sick of watching couples looking tired, bored, or miserable during their wedding they were compromised into having. I would often have couples tell me during family photos or portraits, that they wished they had have kept it a smaller and simpler affair. That doesn’t make me happy. I want this to be the best day of your life!

Having been married for over 5 years now, and being a father, I can safely say that it’s crazy how fast time races by. I know that one day I’ll blink, and my daughter will be an adult, living her own life with her own family. This is why capturing and preserving moments is so crucial to me. Without restriction, I want to memorialise your love story, so that one day, well into the future, you can relive every second of the day again.

I don’t want to be constricted by venue timelines, kitchen schedules or even guests, and neither do you. I want you two to be able to have the freedom to do whatever you want, unrestrained. I want to tell your story, not the story you were allowed to tell.

Jimmy was the very first booking we made. We had no idea how valuable that decision would be

We can’t recommend Jimmy enough. Jimmy’s photos & films speak for themselves, we were in love the moment we found him. Once we booked him, he took the reigns on planning the entire day, which proved an invaluable resource in keeping my wife and I from stressing at any point. No decisions are made without our final input, he simply did all the overwhelming and time consuming research and networking for us. We have now had 3 separate shoots with Jimmy and every time it’s like hanging out with an old friend (who happens to be a wizard when it comes to his craft). This was an easy process, but not a quick one. Jimmy spent countless hours on videos and in person getting to know us. He put in the effort to uniquely tell our story, and it was worth every second times a million. Would recommend him to anyone with ears!

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