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Your elopement journey starts here. Your once in a lifetime opportunity to tell your love story, your way. No stress. No drama. No compromises. If that sounds like your thing, you’re in the right place.

You care
more about…

1 Intimacy and Authenticity

2 Spending Time together, Not Apart

3 Creating Real Memories, not fake ones

What the Elopement Experience Feels Like

“From the moment we met up with Jimmy at his home, he felt like the kind of dude we would have a beer with. So when our elopement rolled around, we did just that…we started the day with a beer. It honestly felt like hanging out with a mate who was brilliant at guiding us on an adventure, and captured unreal moments while doing it”

“We opted to not know our locations prior to the day, and asked Jimmy to pick them all out for us. Holy mother of all things, it was like he knew us better than we did. He guided us on this awesome adventure, and while we achieved so much, and did so much, it actually felt like we were in lazy mode all day, just hanging with a mate, what a time.”

“It’s hard to put into words exactly how it felt, and probably easier to say how it didn’t feel. Stressful, boring, ‘the same old thing’. It felt like none of these things, because Jimmy did what he does. We had the time of our lives, the most amazing day (and night) doing the things we loved, and we have them as memories forever, amazing!”

Sound Like Everything You’re Dreaming Of?




Real Couples. REal Reviews.

Forget written reviews, can you even trust them anymore? Watch the video below to hear, first hand, how my couples felt working with me.

What to do next?


Send me an enquiry by clicking the button below. The more info you can give me the better. I’ll start thinking about ways to make your day amazing, and be in touch with some ideas within 24 hours.


Once you hear from me, you’ll be able to book in a video chat at a time that suits you both. Come at me with any questions you have, and I’ll provide some ideas I think will elevate your plans and make your day.


You’ve done the call, had a chat afterwards, and decided you want to book with me. Awesome, let’s get the boring paperwork done (5 minutes), and then get onto planning the most amazing day of your lives.

In essence, an elopement is about you. It’s being genuine and authentic to who you are. There are no compromises, no restrictions, nothing holding you back. It’s raw moments, being vulnerable and giving yourself to your partner. It is whatever you want it to be

Photo & video

Photo and video are such complimentary things. They go hand in hand and are not the same. I offer both to my clients, because once a moment is gone, it’s gone, My job is to capture, and help you preserve the most important, once in a lifetime memories you’ll ever have.

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Don’t let overwhelm stop you from planning the most amazing elopement. Don’t be tied down by the stress of possibility & option. I offer planning & coordination to all my full day couples, so sit back, and let me take the stressful part on for you