Are you looking for an epic Newcastle & Hunter Valley wedding photographer? Is your love truly unique, and a little bit wild? You don’t want a huge drama filled wedding, but rather an intimate wedding with friends & family! Don't worry, I've got this, it's what I do!

    Let’s talk about your wedding day shall we? You wake up, amped as fuck! The day is here. You crack some beverages to get the day started with your closest friends & family and begin getting shit happening!

    You get to the ceremony, and the feels hit you like a freight train. Tears start flowing. Your closest friends and family are right there with you, no huge crowd of hundreds of people you don’t even know, just your best homies. During portraits you’re laughing, joking, crying, it’s a load of fun. You’re not worried about anything, you’re cruising, too busy running around, jumping on each other and telling dirty jokes to even notice me. The rest of the day? Drinking and eating with your closest, sounds alright, doesn’t it?




    Is this kind of wedding even possible? Fuck yes it is! Why stress yourself with the rigidity and constriction of a traditional wedding? Your love doesn’t even fit into the standard wedding template anyway! You don’t care about having ‘a big show’ or ‘fairytale wedding’. You want an intimate affair, one that’s a true reflection of who you are, right? 

    As one of the top Hunter Valley wedding Photographers, this is what I do! I tell your story! You can just kick back and chill, because I’ve got this! If your personalities are a little on the wild side, I am without a doubt the right wedding photographer for you, no matter where on this globe you want to say your ‘I Do’s”. So let’s do this, let’s hear all about your plans, your dreams, and work together to turn them into the most epic day of your lives.



    Gabby & Ben

    "We're not known for being like everyone else, but Jimmy came in and genuinely told our story. It was romantic, intimate, and at times piss yourself hilarious! He did such an unbelievable job, and the photos, well, there's just no words to describe them, they are that breathtaking!"

    Cass & Jordy

    "James Photographed our elopement in the forest, and he was amazing! Honestly, we had one of he most amazing days as a couple that we have ever had. The level of intimacy and comfort he was able to create was out of this world, and the images, we cannot get over them!"

    What makes me unique?

    Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer

    I pride myself as one of the best intimate wedding photographers in the Hunter Valley. Why? Well I genuinely love it. It's the best job ever! Creating lifelong memories for couples in love is my biggest passion. But it goes beyond that. I don't do cookie cutter shit. I love creating unique stories, for unique couples. No two shoots are the same, because you're nothing like any of my other couples. You have your own things that make your relationship unique, and you want that captured. Don't worry, I got you!

    Something my couples also love is that they can organise Photo and Videography through me. I am lucky enough to have an amazing Hunter Valley wedding videographer work for me. There is less stress for you, having to only deal with one business. Worried about planning? You shouldn't be, because I am going to be there with you, every step of the way to help you plan your perfect stress! These are just some of the things that put me at the top as a Hunter Valley wedding photographer.

    Packages & Pricing

    My intimate wedding package includes a fine art leather wedding album, a personalised slideshow, print and web sized online galleries and full day coverage, with packages starting at $4000.