your story, your way

Let’s face it, your love story isn’t like anyone else’s. It’s unique, unique to you, which is exactly why I never approach 2 elopements the same. Your relationship doesn’t fit into a template, but let’s be real, you don’t want it to. You need a photographer who takes the time to truly know you, someone who’s invested in telling your story, your way.

what do I actually do?

Build a relationship. A real one too, not one of those ‘I’ll be your hype person’ type relationships that you hear everyone say. We’ll do video calls, and if possible, meet in person for a beer or coffee just to get to know each other. Knowing you, the real you, as a couple is at the core of what I do. Knowing your story on a deeper level, and having that two-way trust between us allows me to do what I do best. That is, tell your story in a way no one else can. This isn’t your average elopement, it’s your elopement.

what’s the process?



In this stage I just need quality info about who you are, and your plans (or dreams). This is going to get me thinking about how to approach your day in a way that will be unique to you.



We’ve done a video chat, you’ve spoken afterwards and decided you want to go with me. Simply let me know your decision, I’ll get the boring paperwork stuff done, and get the ball rolling.



I tend to use meetings (zoom or in person) as a way of not only gathering information, but also building relationships. Not only will I get to know you, but you will learn all about me too.



I do it all for you, from reaching out to vendors, to building your timeline. I’ve got the info I need from our meetings, and run everything by you first (you have full control, but no stress).

Bride and groom standing on the edge of an epic mountain in the Blue Mountains after their elopement ceremony. If you tell your family you're eloping, they should support you to have a day like this.


You’re here! I’ll coordinate things so all you have to do is laugh, love, eat & drink. After all, you only get married once, don’t waste time checking schedules and calling vendors.

No rules. No compromises.
Your story, Your way.

what sets me apart from the pack?

I plan & coordinate your day

As I said above, one of the roles I take on is that of planner and coordinator (they typically charge $4500-$7500 per wedding). This is an ESSENTIAL, and can be found in all of my packages! What does this mean for you? No sleepless nights spent scouring google for the ‘perfect’ vendors. No overwhelming days spent searching for the perfect location. And no worrying about ‘did I forget anything’. Just your perfect day, without the stress and hassle.

I do both video & photography

I love creating films for people. This is a day you’ll want to relive over and over again, and a video is the perfect way to do it. But videos are often expensive, give you another vendor to deal with, and another vendor in your space on the day. So I do both! What does this mean for you? Your photos and video will have a cohesive look, you’ll only have one person with you all day, allowing things to remain intimate, plus it’ll save you at least a few thousand of your hard earned dollars.

You’re not just a number to me

I only take on 15 jobs per year. Why do I do this? Mainly it’s because learning your story takes time. I put in a lot of effort & time before the big day, building relationships with my couples. So I decided to reduce my workload from the standard 35 a year, so that I could focus more on you. You won’t wait a week to hear back from me when you have a question, I’ve got plenty of time to meet with you both, and I’ve got all the time to truly plan out something unique and special for you both.

Let’s Simplify
Choosing a package

Sometimes less is more, and never is that more true than when selecting a wedding package. Having unlimited packages, or a ‘pick n choose’ setup can be overwhelming to say the least. That’s why I keep mine simple. I’ve got 3 packages, all available in a half day (4 hours) and full day option. Sure, there are things you can add on like engagement shoots, or a video for your day, but they can be added at any time. So for now, keep it simple and select the package that suits your plans best.

elopement & wedding Packages

Worldwide adventure elopement & wedding package

What’s included?

Prices starting from $6000

Australia wide adventure elopement & wedding package

nsw adventure elopement & wedding package

Videography add ons

Video is honestly one of the most important things to consider for your day. It’s how you will best relive every moment, forever. I want to make getting a video as easy as possible for you. So let’s do it.

What’s included?
Videography coverage | Whether it be 4 hours or all day, you will receive a personalised website which will host all of the films you get in 4k. Perfect for you to share and enjoy forever.
Highlight film | This isn’t your grandmas 4 hour handheld camcorder wedding video. No boring bits. This is the best of the best from your day. It’s like a teaser for a Hollywood film, but it’s your film. Using a mixture of footage, drone shots and audio captured during your day & ceremony, this is the video you’ll watch again and again.
Ceremony Video (Add on) | Want to relive your ceremony any time you want? Want to show it to your kids or grandkids one day? I got you, this is a full recording of the ceremony start to finish.

Videos starting from $750

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers

I absolutely do. In fact, most of my elopements are destinations of some kind, whether they be in Australia or overseas. I love helping to plan an epic elopement somewhere cool. So no matter where you want to do it, I am on board!

Yes, probably half of my couples are from the US or Europe. I have systems in place to ensure you will get the exact same experience as local couples, so don’t stress, get in touch.

Simple. I take all the overwhelming legwork. All the research. All the timeline building. I will coordinate all my findings with you, and you have the fun part of choosing what you love most. I will then ensure the day runs as planned, without you ever having to look at a watch or a phone.

I prioritise my time over all else. My time with my family is crucial to me. And since I put in countless hours of work on each elopement, making sure each couple get’s the attention they need to pull off their once in a life time elopement, I only take 15 a year.

No, definitely not. In fact it means I have more time for you. I won’t take your elopement unless I can give 110% to the entire process. So if you book with me, believe me, I’m on board wholeheartedly to tell your story.

Yes, in fact a local engagement session is included in all my packages. But I also have what I call an ‘adventure engagement session’. These are loads of fun, usually last up to a full day (great way to get to know each other and get comfortable in front of the camera), and include a video, not just photos.

Coffee, cannot live without an espresso. But if we are talking beers, it’s definitely a Balter XPA. On a wedding day, things are a bit more special, so I love a good Whiskey (Balvenie American Oak 12 years). We’ll have some good drops on your day.

I totally get budgets are a thing. For me to provide the levels of service and experience I do, I need to charge what I do. However, I’m pretty good at helping people plan elopements, helping save thousands of dollars across the entire day, so let’s chat and see what we can do.