Karena & Talissa – Munmorah Cliffs Engagement Shoot

    What an amazing afternoon! This is literally what engagement shoots are all about. Great people, amazing times, beautiful sunsets, and a shit tonne of laughs. Now, whether those laughs come from you laughing at me, or my inappropriate line of questioning, I don’t really care. When it gets reactions like this, it is always worth it!

    Kareena & Talissa are literally everything I expect when I show up for a shoot. Madly in love, but happy to take the piss and rip on each other. Nervous? Maybe, but willing to just give it a crack and enjoy the experience. Stoked to call these two friends now, and absolutely cannot wait for the wedding (whenever it may be, if you two can stop travelling for a minute haha).

    Check out the absolute choice cuts below, and if you want to chat about doing something legendary like this, get in touch and let’s chat!

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    james white
    September 4, 2019