Eryn & Karl – Watagans Forest Engagement Session

You arrive at your shoot, and find a guy in a technicolour dreamcoat with a chest-length beard, and a girl with dreadlocks and beads in them…what do you do?

You fucking cheer, that’s what! You know me guys, I love people who aren’t afraid to be different! It’s what keeps this place exciting and interesting. And to say working with these two was interesting and exciting, is seriously underselling it.

As we trekked around the forest, looking for cool little pockets of light to shoot in (see the epic sun rays bursting through the trees below) we really got into it, and safe to say, these two are absolute legends! Had they not booked me for their wedding, I would have been a bit upset, but thankfully that didn’t happen! Can’t wait for the wedding guys, going to be epic!

Check out the best shots of the day below! If you want to do an epic shoot like this, get in touch and let’s chat!


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