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Wedding Photographer or Wedding Videographer?

What Do We Do? Wedding Photographer or Wedding Videographer?

Stay with me friends, because this is going to be a fucking short post. You can go back to watching videos of people popping blackheads in about 60 seconds!

Why? Well simple…because you need both!

Oh, I hear you! “You just want more money greedy billionaire photographer man”. First of all, yes, I do want more money, I am running a business, but not at the expense of suggesting something you do not need, and secondly…not quite a billionaire, more like an ‘enoughtobuyacoffee-aire’.

So let’s get down to it. What do I mean when I say you need both? People often think it’s a ‘one or the other’ type situation with photographers and videographers. And when it comes down to it, I have never seen people choose a video over photos. Why is that? What makes photos so much more important than videos?

Just stop for a second and think about that. Really think about it.

Am I trying to do myself out of a booking here? No! Of course not! Like I said, you need both. They are not a one or the other arrangement, more like a ‘one and the other’ arrangement.

Video and photo do complimentary things. Whilst I can capture any moment and freeze it, painting it however I want, a videographer can capture sounds and movement. I would suggest getting both for your big day, as you will walk away with the best of both worlds.

And remember what they say. At the end of your wedding, you only take two things with you…the memories, and the photos. Well fuck what they say, now you can take 3 things with you. Add video into your mix, and trust me, you will never look back!

If you want to discuss booking me for photography and video, get in touch now for a quick chat about your wedding!

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