Jasmine and Chris Engagement Session Luna Park

Jasmine & Chris Engagement Session – Luna Park

Do you remember when life was all about having fun? You would beg your mother or father to take you somewhere fun so you could just go crazy? Life was stress free. Life was fun. What changed? Some would say adulthood happened. But not Jasmine and Chris. During their engagement session they let their inner child fly as we explored Sydney’s Lower North Shore and Iconic, Historic Luna Park. 

Jasmine and Chris are two of the hardest working people I know. During the course of the engagement session I learned they are basically working a 7 day week, just to afford the wedding of their dreams. This knowledge just made it all the more satisfying that they were mucking around like kids during the shoot, being silly, and crazy. The amount of love these two have for one another was on show for all to see, and they really weren’t at all concerned with what others thought. They were here to have fun. 

Before the shoot, both had explained to me that this was their first photoshoot, and they were quite nervous. After a quick chat, I guaranteed that within 5 minutes they would feel totally relaxed. Jasmine looked skeptical, but was completely up for it and put her trust in me. What unfolded, was one of my favourite engagement photoshoots of all time. It was wall to wall laughter, silly dad jokes, and sideshow games. 

After the sun had set (long after it had set), we left Luna Park. Jasmine and Chris both explained that it was an unbelievably fun experience, and that they would gladly do it again in a heartbeat. It was almost hard to say goodbye to these two, we had all just had a brilliant afternoon. Thankfully we said goodbye, knowing that we would see each other again at the upcoming wedding. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss an engagement session, contact me here and I will gladly help you out! Below are a few of my favourite images from their engagement shoot. If you want to see the rest of the gallery, head here

Luna Park engagement session Sydney Harbour Sydney Harbour Luna Park Engagement Session

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