Jason & Kelly – Southern Highlands Engagement Session

Something a bit different here! Southern Highlands! Fuck yes! This is a bit of an oldie this session, from my days living in Cronulla, Sydney. Still, to this date, one of my favourite sessions. Absolutely epic location and a super laid back adventurous couple.

Nothing quite like a 4am wakeup on a Saturday, right? But that is what it took to get this shoot right. With the sun rising at 6.07am, we needed to be there early. A 15 minute walk to the actual location, in what can only be described as freezing conditions made the shoot all the more enjoyable!

But no complaining from this couple (a bit from me though to be fair). When we finally go down to the Quarry, we hit the jackpot. Gorgeous skies, and an empty location! We didn’t waste any time, and got stuck straight in. It almost looks like we did a few different shoots. That is the benefit of shooting at sunrise, and utilising the 30 minutes before the sun actually rises. The soft pastel colours, contrast so nicely with the strong, warm, golden colours you get once the sun pops up. It gives you such a different feel.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, check out the epic session below! If you want to do something like this for your wedding or engagement session, get in touch and let’s chat it out now.


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