How to Elope in the Blue Mountains: Packages, Locations & Photographer [Updated 2024]

Where to start with the Blue Mountains. This place is special, always has been, always will be. So why wouldn’t you be wondering how to elope in the Blue Mountains? Seems pretty damn reasonable to me. That’s what I’m here for, to break down some important information about eloping in the Blue Mountains. This includes the best locations to elope in the Blue Mountains, and some Blue Mountains Elopement packages. So let’s do it, this is how to elope in the Blue Mountains!

Best places to elope in the Blue Mountains

One of the main things you’re probably wondering if you want to know how to elope in the Blue Mountains, would be where the best spots are. Thankfully, I have them for you! This list is not exhaustive, there are so many places you could elope, be it ceremony or portraits (or both). So let’s look at some of my favourite Blue Mountains elopement locations.

Hat Hill

The first epic landmark you will cross is Hen & Chicken rock, it’s an epic rock formation on top of the hill, which on a sunny day gets the most epic sun flares behind it. The walk up from the ‘carpark’ is awesome, especially if it’s getting some fog or mist, feels like you’re in a horror movie. Not much of an incline, but can be slippery, if you go up over the peak, you can walk out the back and head down towards Grose Valley. There’s a little pathway that takes you out into a clearing, through the bush, to this secluded and private outlook. You’ll have it all to yourself, staring into the golden valley as the sun sets against the sheer rock walls. This for me, is how to elope in the Blue Mountains.

Wentworth Falls

Not for the faint of heart. You are going to need to hike down about 400m to get to the base of the falls. And as we all know, what goes down, must go back up. So A pretty good level of fitness would be advised here. But, the walk is insane. The views you get, the lookouts, are insane. And the falls at the base, are breathe taking. The single drop is huge and serves a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony. Great thing is you can go down and elope earlier in the day (due to it’s depth in the valley), then head back up (about 1 hour) and go out to a beautiful lookout for sunset portraits…best of both worlds.

Mount Hay

Another thing to consider for this one is that you WILL NEED a 4WD. You will hit a dirt trail about 10 minutes outside Leura, and it get’s pretty intense, especially after heavy rain. From Leura it’s about 40 minutes through the bush to the loop. You will find this amazing walk which takes you around the mountain, along Cliffside’s, looking off into valleys. Again, if you know where to go, you can find the path which will take you down to the Cathedral, a cave which has the most perfect ceremony location on top of it. This for me is one of the coolest locations for a ceremony in the entire Blue Mountains. 360 degree views, this is probably the best spot in the entire mountains.

Fortress Rock

If you’re wanting to know how to elope in the Blue Mountains in an adventurous way, this is one of the best walks in the Blue Mountains. You can see all the way into the Grose Valley, as well as Lockleys Pylon and Mount Hay. From the lookout you can even see Horseshoe falls as it crashes it’s way down the mountain. Now a difficult hike, it’s about a 20 minute walk in each direction with a bit of scrambling, but the sheer vastness of the view you get when it opens up is insane. A very unknown location, meaning it’s great if you want to elope in private and preserve that intimacy.

Landslide Lookout

Landslide is an absolutely epic spot to have your ceremony. One of the best things is that it’s not much of a hike, albeit it can get pretty slippery if it’s rained recently. With an awesome rock platform that could easily hold 10-15 people comfortably, you can safely bring a few friends and family. It can get busy on weekends, so consider weekdays. Here you’ll also get an amazing sunset as the golden light washes over the valley behind you.

Castle Head

A fairly flat 3km return walk, this is another seriously unknown location meaning you will have it completely to yourself. One of the coolest things is, when you find Castle Head (location 1…there’s 2), you will have a view of the world famous ‘Three Sisters’, all to yourself. From there, you can actually continue on, about another 10 minutes, you’ll come out to a view of Mount Solitary and the Ruined Castle. If you don’t want to break a sweat and you want your privacy, this might be your spot.

Boar Head

One of the best things is its centrality to the rest of the best Blue Mountains spots. So you could, for example, do your ceremony here, and then run off to Landslide for portraits. Or do your portraits here, and run off to Mount Hay for your sunset ceremony. One thing I will say is it does not have a big landing, unlike Landslide, or Lincolns, so getting 15-20 people out here, whilst possible, will be tricky. It also requires you to walk down a bunch of steps, so if you’re thinking of bringing Grandma, you might want to consider this beforehand. But the 270 degree view of the valley is so worth it!

Butterbox Point

Another spot out in the direction of Mount Hay, so you know it…you’ll need a vehicle with decent clearance to get down the road. Relatively flat and easy, the 2km walk each way takes you out to one of the more interesting viewpoints. The mountains appear to loom over you which is pretty intense and epic. The views of the Grose Valley are sensational and you can also see Lockleys Pylon, Perrys Lookdown and Mount Banks from here. One of the more unique viewpoints.

Anvil Lookout

Possibly my favourite waterfall to shoot at in the East Coast of Australia. Why is that? Well, it’s kind of easy to access. I say kind of, because, well you need to do a bit of scrambling to get out there. It’s a short 5 minute walk down the stairs from the carpark. From here you will see the huge falls. If it’s been raining recently, they are huge and deafening. From here you do need to climb over a rail (can be difficult in a dress but makes for epic shots), scramble out over rocks and up towards the base of the falls…but seriously, oh so worth it. Ceremony here, portraits down on Airlies beach with a pizza anyone?

Anvil Lookout

Possibly my favourite waterfall to shoot at in the East Coast of Australia. Why is that? Well, it’s kind of easy to access. I say kind of, because, well you need to do a bit of scrambling to get out there. It’s a short 5 minute walk down the stairs from the carpark. From here you will see the huge falls. If it’s been raining recently, they are huge and deafening. From here you do need to climb over a rail (can be difficult in a dress but makes for epic shots), scramble out over rocks and up towards the base of the falls…but seriously, oh so worth it. Ceremony here, portraits down on Airlies beach with a pizza anyone?

Rigby Hill

The best bit about this spot is that it is located out on the Bilpin side of the mountains, which is notoriously the less busy side. Most people don’t even know it exists, so you can probably bet on the fact you’ll have the entire place to yourself. A relatively flat walk out, about 15 minutes each way, you’ll be greeted with 270 degree views into the valley, which is especially epic around sunset when the entire valley fills with golden light. The valley disappears down into Grose Valley and goes as far as the eye can see. Bring a picnic, the lookout is made for it.

Walls Lookout

The coolest part of the Great Ocean Rd for me. Just outside of Port Campbell (the best place to base for this location, but book in advance, accommodation is limited, take a quick 15 minute drive down one of the nicest stretches of road you’ll ever see. You’ll find a little carpark that looks like nothing. You won’t see anything yet, so it will look underwhelming. Head down the staircase (can get slippery) towards the beach. As you round the first corner you will see them. The Apostles rising out of the water. Head down onto the wispy misty beach at golden hour and get your portraits with these wonders of the world behind you.

Kanangara Plateau

This is a pretty flat and easy walk from the carpark, should only take about 20 minutes each way. Once you get out of the bush you will see the huge walls in front of you, and the point that you can walk out on for your portraits which would be epic at sunset. From here, you can walk out to Baltzer Rock, which is well known as one of the most epic looking spots, but also one of the most dangerous. You need to jump over a gap that drops over 100m down to the valley floor to access it, and then walk along a knife edge out to the point which is 15cm wide. Not for the faint hearted!

Lincolns Rock

Probably the most iconic lookout in the entire of the Blue Mountains. It’s brilliant if you’re planning on having guests, especially if some of your guests have mobility issues. Pull up to the carpark (paved) and walk 50m to the lookout. It’s that easy. And the views are to die for. There are a few things to know about the location though. Heavily trafficked by tourists (by the busload), especially on the weekend, so not the best place for intimacy and privacy. Also heavily impacted by bad weather. If it’s raining and cold, this is the first place to fog over and lose visibility. Is it worth it? That’s your call to make.

Lockleys Pylon

Head out of Leura as though you’re heading to Mount Hay. You will absolutely need a vehicle with decent clearance (doesn’t have to be a 4WD) to get down this road. About 8km down (you need to know where it is) you’ll pull over and park, and begin your walk up to the Pylon. Along the way (it’s not too steep) you will find so many cool spots for portraits. Get all the way to the top (won’t take long, maybe 20-25 minutes) and you’ll have full 360 degree views of the Mountains. It’s similar to Mount Hay, the views aren’t quite as epic, but the effort to get there is a lot easier.

When to elope in Blue Mountains

Another major element of planning the perfect Blue Mountains elopement is picking the right time of year to do it. The Blue Mountains, being a mountain area has much less stable weather than other areas, so I always say, if you would not be able to deal with bad weather (rain, snow, wind), then avoid this area. So when is the best time of year to elope in the Blue Mountains?

Summer – For me, summer is too hot. It is also too volatile. Majority of locations you chose to elope in the Blue Mountains will involve some walking, or climbing, so in the event you get a nice 35c day in the blaring sunlight, not comfortable. It is also a more volatile time, the weather can change on a dime. One minute it’s hot and blue skies, then 30 minutes later it’s torrential storms and gale force winds. It can absolutely be done, but it is the last season I recommend for a blue mountains elopement package.

Winter – My favourite season by a long shot. You have a chance, albeit a small chance, of getting some snow (which is unreal in Australia). It’s more comfortable in your clothing (add layers if you need). Any kind of hike or outdoor activity will be far more bearable. I also find that the shorter days allow for your timeline to flow more smoothly, without gaps between a ceremony and portraits.

Spring & Autumn – Like a blend between summer and winter (surprise). You will find less volatile weather patterns, and more comfortable temperatures. If I am being honest, they only fall behind winter because in winter you have the possibility of snow, outside of that, they are just as amazing.

How to elope in the Blue Mountains [step by step]

No guide on How to elope in the Blue Mountains would be complete without, well, a step by step guide on how to elope in the Blue Mountains. So let’s do it.

Step 1 | Determine a budget

Sit down with your partner, and really discuss what you want for your day. What is important? What do you both prioritise? How much money do you want to spend? I actually have a budget calculator a bit further down this page, so use that if you want to play around with some real world elopement costs for the Blue Mountains. But this step cannot be skipped. Organise your priorities, use my calculator below, and let this be your rough budget.

Step 2 | What kind of day do you want?

The first thing you might want to think about is where you want to do this. I don’t mean the exact location, but are you wanting to travel? Or are you wanting to elope locally? The next thing you will want to consider is how adventurous you want your day to be. Are you wanting to hike up a mountain to elope? Maybe you’re wanting to hike down a cliff and scramble up behind a crashing waterfall.

Step 3 | Guests?

I suggest sitting down with your partner, and being honest about what you want. This is not the place to be shy about your intentions. This is how to plan an elopement 101, honesty! For example, if you want your parents, siblings and best friends there, and he wants no one, there’s going to need to be some major compromise. Having guests will change the logistics of your day, but if it’s important to you, then do it.

Step 4 | Telling people?

This step is obviously important if you are having guests, but even if you aren’t. Some people worry because once they get engaged, everyone starts asking when the wedding will be, where it will be etc. So knowing how you want to break the news of your elopement (if you are telling people at all) to people is crucial.

Step 5 | Photographer

Sit down with your partner and just discuss broadly what is important to you? Do you value feeling comfortable? Having fun? Amazing artistic photos? Do you want save money and get a beginner, or spend more and get a seasoned professional? Once you have this information, go through google, or Instagram and put together a list of 3-5 photographers you love and reach out.

Step 6 | Location & Date

This bit is more fun, but also more overwhelming for a lot of people. You may not have settled on eloping in the Blue Mountains just yet, but even if you have, there are hundreds of places in the Blue Mountains to elope (as you will see below). So picking an exact location can be difficult. Pro tip is to use your photographer. Tell them what you want, and let them guide you to locations that would meet your needs. From here, pick yourself a date and continue on.

Step 7 | Vendors

Time to book in the rest of your vendors. Remember when you created a budget, and put down a priorities list. Well you’re about to use it. The same thing you did with your photographer, you will do with all your vendors. Research, shortlist, cull, contact. Make your way down your list of priorities until you hit the vendor who you prioritise the least.

Step 8 | The legalities?

The best piece of advice I can give you here is to speak to a celebrant if you’re doing things locally. They are your gurus in terms of legalities. If you’re eloping internationally, contact your version of Births Deaths Marriages (BDM), let them know your plans to elope overseas, and they will be able to advise you on the additional steps you may need to take to legally elope.

Step 9 | Timeline

This should always be done with, or by your photographer. We know how to lay out an elopement so it works best, and we understand light. If you haven’t already, outline to your photographer the plan in your head, what you want and what you don’t. From here, they should be able to put together a timeline that will work perfectly for you. It may take a few drafts, but it’s worth it. This step is crucial.

Blue Mountains Elopement Packages

How to elope in the blue mountains, bride and groom stand ion front of an old school troopy in the depths of the forest

Blue Mountains elopement package 1 | ‘You want it all’

This is my premium package for the person who wants it all. Full day coverage of photos, plus a full elopement film of your day, this one is for you.

– Full day Photography – You’ll receive a beautiful online gallery that will showcase your entire elopement. These images will be full resolution, print quality (so you can print later). You will also get a complimentary album design session to craft the perfect elopement album for you.
– Full day videography – You’ll receive a film that covers your whole day start to finish. I will also include a full ceremony film, so you can rewatch and share your ceremony.
– Travel fees fully included, so don’t sweat it.
– Album design session included + $500 album credit – So you won’t have to do it yourself at KMART.

Packages starting from $8500

Bride and groom stand on the edge of a cliff in the Blue Mountains as the golden sunset beams in on them. This is definitely how to elope in the blue mountains

Blue Mountains elopement package 2 | ‘All the photos’

This is my premium package for the person who wants it all. Full day coverage of photos, plus a full elopement film of your day, this one is for you.

– Full day Photography – You’ll receive a beautiful online gallery that will showcase your entire elopement. These images will be full resolution, print quality (so you can print later). You will also get a complimentary album design session to craft the perfect elopement album for you.
– The option of adding on a videographer (me) at a greatly reduced rate.
– Travel fees fully included, so don’t sweat it.
– Album design session included + $500 album credit – So you won’t have to do it yourself at KMART.

Packages starting from $6000

Bride and groom gaze into each others eyes as the sunset beams through behind them as they stand on a cliffs edge in the Blue mountains elopement packages.

Blue Mountains elopement package 3 | In ‘n’ Out

This is my package for those who just want the essentials covered.

– Half day Photography (4 hours) – You’ll receive a beautiful online gallery that will showcase your elopement. These images will be full resolution, print quality (so you can print later). You will also get a complimentary album design session to craft the perfect elopement album for you.
– Photographer travel fees – Fully included, so don’t sweat it.
– The option of adding on a videographer (me) at a greatly reduced rate.
– Album design session included + $500 album credit – So you won’t have to do it yourself at KMART.

Packages starting from $4500

If you want to chat about any of these packages, or making your own custom package, click the button below.

What does a Blue Mountains Elopement Cost?

Less words, more numbers. You’ve seen my Blue Mountains elopement packages above, but what about the rest of your costs? So if you want to know what the actual cost of your Blue Mountains elopement might be, use the calculator below.

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Elope in The Blue Mountains

Looking to elope in the Blue Mountains is probably one of the best decisions you’re going to make. Trust me, I have shot there so many times, and never felt let down. Between the cascading waterfalls, or the epic clifftops, the endless valleys and the sprawling hikes, this is an adventure you won’t forget. My Blue Mountains Elopement Packages have been crafted by me, over those years, to ensure your elopement day is everything you could ever have imagined. 

Imagine getting ready in a cute little cottage by the fireplace. A glass of red wine and some cheese getting you through the moment. You do a first look outside, overlooking the valley below. It’s cold, but your adrenaline is pumping and you barely notice it. We drive out to the ceremony location, perch up on a rock and you pour your hearts out to one another. It’s so intimate, no distractions, no compromises. We head off to the most beautiful waterfall. On the way we pull in to a local cafe, grab a coffee and some bakery because, why not? As you stand under the waterfall embracing one another, you realise, this is your elopement. This is your wedding day. 

This is the reality my Blue Mountains elopement packages aim to bring to life. From stunning photos, to epic locations, to the perfect personalised timeline and an unbelievable dream team of vendors. You will never forget this moment, this day. Now let’s talk about how to elope in the Blue Mountains, starting with some packages.

Why you don’t want an ‘all inclusive’ Blue Mountains elopement package

On the out, it seems like picking an all inclusive, or all in one package would be the best way to go. It makes sense, usually the vendors are all bundled in, so they offer a slightly better price, and you don’t have to do anything, it’s all decided for you. I want to break down why that is the wrong way to go about things. I’ll be brief, I promise.

All the vendors being bundled in and offering a better price is actually a bit of a myth. Because you never truly see the breakdown of the prices each vendor is charging, you don’t realise you’re just paying full price. It’s like when you go to the shops the week before Black Friday and a TV is $1999, then the day before the sales they put the TV up to $2599, and then on Black Friday put it on sale at $1999. That’s kind of what happens with ‘all inclusive’ packages.

Another problem you will find is that as a vendor, I personally take a lot of pride in who I work with. I like to really get to know my couples, and give them the chance to get to know me before deciding to work together. These ‘all inclusive’ style Blue Mountains elopement packages tend to be run by one vendor, who is the only one you speak to pre-booking. This means you usually don’t speak to the other vendors until money has changed hands, at which point, it’s too late if you don’t have a great connection with them all.

The final issue is that this is one of the most important days in your life. This is your wedding day. I know that reducing stress sounds like a great thing, and it is, you’re completely right. But there is a better way to achieve that than to simply let someone else take full executive control of your elopement. What I do with my couples when it comes to vendors is a multi step process.

Step 1, what kind of day do you want? What kind of day do you not want? What are your dreams and what is non-negotiable, and what is your ballpark budget? I ask a bunch of deep diver questions to work out what you want essentially.

Step 2, sometimes I know vendors who will work well for you, but if not I will go and do the research. This is the time consuming and overwhelming bit everyone wants to avoid. Step 3, I contact those vendors, let them know about your plans, your date and location. I don’t give them your details just yet. I get an accurate price. Step 4, I bring all this info to you in a nice summarised manner. You simply go and look at each vendor and tell me which one/s you like the look of, and I do the introduction. Now you can start speaking to them yourselves, all about your dreams and how they can help you.

Basically, just find one vendor you really trust, and let them guide you as opposed to booking in an all inclusive Blue Mountains elopement package. If you like my packages below, you can reach out and I will gladly help you, it is included in every single package I offer. If you want full control over your day, but none of the work, this is how to elope in the Blue Mountains, with me as your guide.

Why you’ll love James White Photography

The Blue Mountains is my home away from home. It is the place I work most frequently within Australia, and for good reason. I know this area like the back of my hands. I know the secret lookouts, the hidden hikes, and most importantly, I know how to plan a timeline around them. But let’s be a bit more broad for a second. Why would you absolutely love having your Blue Mountains Elopement with me? There are 3 main reasons which are included in every Blue Mountains elopement package I offer. 

  • Planning & Coordination – I will take all the stressful and overwhelming planning off your plate. That’s right. I’ll do a deep dive to work out what you want, and what you don’t, and then I will get to work planning your dream Blue Mountains elopement. This includes vendors, locations, accommodation and much more. But don’t worry, I don’t make any decisions, you do. I bring everything I plan to you until you’re happy with everything. Then, on the day, I will ensure the day goes according to plan. I’ve done this hundreds of times, and you just want to have fun on your day, so leave the timeline coordination to me.
  • I only take 20 elopements per year – Why does this matter to you? This means you won’t be waiting days or weeks fro a reply from me when you need me. I will have the time and effort to dedicate to your day, you’re not just a number to me. 
  • No additional travel fees – Nice and simple. No one wants to book in a package, they’re happy with the price, then they find out there’s a $1500 travel fee to be added on top. They price you see is the price you get with me. 

Blue Mountains Elopement Galleries

It’s one thing to see a bunch of ‘hero’ images on someone’s Instagram, or see the best of the best on their website. So here it is, 3 of my favourite full galleries from my favourite Blue Mountains elopements. Why am I showing you this? Well for starters, it is going to help you envisage how your day could look.; Give you some inspiration on things you could do. Show you how a simple idea like eloping can turn into a full on adventure. So jump on in and let my real world couples show you how to elope in the Blue Mountains in style, just click the images below.

Blue Mountains Elopement Films

Much like the full galleries above, I’m really proud of being someone who shoots video and photo simultaneously, offering these options to people in all my Blue Mountains elopement packages. It’s a great way to save on costs for you, but it’s also a great way to ensure a consistency in your storytelling. So let me show you a few of my favourite films from the Blue Mountains, just click the images below..

Looking for an elopement photographer in the Blue Mountains?

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of it, if you’re looking for a Blue Mountains elopement photographer, I reckon I might be your guy. You’ve seen my Blue Mountains elopement packages, you’ve heard all about how I can turn your vision and dreams into a reality, so let’s do it. Let’s actually plan your elopement. Get in touch by filling out the form below, and let me show you how to elope in the Blue Mountains, the easy way!

Best elopement vendors in the Blue Mountains

Putting together the perfect team for your Blue Mountains elopement is the sure fire recipe for a successful day. One you will remember for the rest of your lives. Now I know I said that I do the vendor research for all my couples, but doesn’t mean I don’t want to showcase some of my favourite vendors for you to start dreaming now. A lot of these vendors are from outside the Blue Mountains, which is pretty standard as it’s a small area, but don’t worry, travel fees are usually included.

Hair & Makeup

Lisa fowler hair & makeup

Lisa is probably the nicest person you will ever meet. I genuinely mean that. Lisa will make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world, she pumps you up so much. This is super important since she’s the last person you deal with before your ceremony, so you need a good hype person. But that’s not where it stops, she is an amazing hair and makeup artist. Whether you want celebrity glam, or minimalist but elegant (her specialty), she’s got you covered. Prices as or 2024 are $750 for up to 2 peoples hair and makeup (so your mum or best friend for example), including travel.

Airlie Co hair & makeup

Airlie & Co are a boutique mobile hair and makeup team based in Sydney, the Hunter Valley and the Southern Highlands who travel all over. One of the great things with this team is that you’re always covered if someone is unwell, they have a likeminded, similarly talented person who will jump in and create the exact same level you expected. I’ve worked with at 3 or 4 of the team members now, and every time they’ve been fun and friendly, great banter, and extremely high quality in terms of the minimalist hair and makeup. Prices as or 2024 are $180 per bridal hair/makeup, and $160 per bridesmaids (if you’re having any).


Dirty Deeds

Probably the funniest celebrant you’ll meet. Jake is an absolute legend. Not only is he just a great time on the day, he will spend the time in the lead up to create a personalised ceremony for you, even if it is just the two of you. When I explain Jake to people I often say “imagine your celebrant had a mullet and a leather jacket…that’s Jake”. If that kind of person sounds good to you, get in touch. He’s great at making you laugh, but also bringing the feels. It’s all about the balance, and Jake nails that. Prices as of 2024 are $2000 for an elopement ceremony, including travel.

That Altar Guy

Where to start with Jez (Jeremy). My other favourite celebrant in the world. Jez brings that kind of dad humour that just hits differently on your elopement day. He is an absolute blast to hang out with, you won’t want him to leave. Also brilliant at striking a balance between comedy and emotion, Jez will spend just as much time crafting your private 2 person ceremony, as he would a 45 minute ceremony for 200 guests. If I can be honest, in my 6 years knowing Jez, I have never once met someone who didn’t love him…kind of says it all. Prices as of 2024 is approximately $1900, including travel costs.


As Sweet as Jasmine

Jasmine is your go to girl when it comes to floral displays of all sizes. Jas absolutely loves Dutch Masters floral masterpieces, emulating the artworks in her designs with layers upon layers of blooms, textural play and sophisticated and creative colour palettes. Eco sustainable practices mean that your flowers are coming from a good place, but also that Jas is limited to what is in season (this isn’t a bad thing). She’s also just a lovely human, so get in touch with her! Prices as of 2024 vary depending on order, but you’re probably looking at somewhere around $550 for a luxury bouquet and button-hole.

Floral Ink

Actually located in the Blue Mountains, Floral Ink combines natives with huge bursts of colour. If you like that native look, as opposed to Peonies, roses etc, then Floral Ink might be your best bet. The other great thing about them is that they can deliver anywhere in the Mountains, or you can simply pop in and pick up from them. Also eco sourced, you will once again be limited to what is in season, so try to go into it with an open mind, and Edith will open you up to all the possibilities. Prices as of 2024 vary depending on order, but you’re probably looking at somewhere around $400 for a luxury bouquet and button-hole.


Logan Brae Orchard

They actually have a couple locations, in Katoomba and Kanimbla, but they are all of the exact same high standards. Really open plan, luxurious wood grain, and views that take your breathe away. They make great places to get ready, and even have a ceremony should the weather turn, so double as a wet weather option.

Chalets at Blackheath

The most luxurious place you’ll stay ion the Mountains. The team at the Chalets will take the best of care for you. Enjoy a red wine and some cheese by the open air firepit after your elopement or simply enjoy sitting on your deck soaking in the morning sun as you begin to realise today is your big day!


Nestled amongst the trees, you’re going to feel like you’re in an isolated cabin in a Hollywood film. Not many places with this level of privacy, which is something you’ll really want in the lead up to, and after your elopement. Sit around the fireplace as the snow falls outside, or grab a glass of wine and cuddle up on the sun drenched window bed.

Kanimbla House

Want to enjoy 133 acres of privacy perched on top of a hill? Full sunrise and sunset from your verandah? What about a full on in home cinema? Maybe you just want to end the day with a relaxing spa bath and some wine under the stars. Take your pick, this house has it all. I could not think of a better way to begin your life as a married couple. Absolute ballin!

Dining Options


The menu at Blaq showcases hyper-local produce plucked straight from their garden and gathered from local producers, the way good food should be. Enjoy one of their signature cocktails and some flame grilled smokey deliciousness. A bit more of a fine dining experience, if that is what you’re after.


The Bootlegger Smokehouse and Bar will take you on a distinctive low & slow journey, taking inspiration from Southern BBQ and Cajan cuisines to create a mouth-watering experience to be shared. Add in a smoked whisky sour (or whatever cocktail you love) cocktail to compliment, and enjoy. More on the casual side, just FYI.

Mountain Culture Brewery

If you’ve never had one of their beers, what are you doing? They make some of the best Ales I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. And thankfully their brilliance doesn’t stop at beer, it extends to food. A simple menu, burgers and fries, done well, with one of their famous beers might just be the perfect lowkey, delicious way to end your day!

Napoli Corner

Is there ever a bad time for pizza? The answer is obviously no, right? This spot will give you those pizza feels. They make their own sauce, own dough, everything. It might not mean anything to you, but it is the only pizzeria in the Mountains to be awarded the recognition of authentication by the Napoli Pizza Board. Casual, good cocktails, great food, what more could you ask?

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