How to Elope in Melbourne: Packages, Locations & Photographer [Updated 2024]

Looking to elope in Melbourne? Let’s dive into the essentials of how to make it happen in this unreal city and its surroundings. Melbourne holds a unique charm that’s hard to resist, making it the perfect backdrop for your elopement. From stunning urban landscapes to picturesque natural settings, all within a few hours of the CBD, there’s no shortage of beautiful locations to choose from. So why wouldn’t you be wondering how to elope in Melbourne? Seems pretty reasonable to me. That’s what I’m here for, to break down some important information about eloping in Melbourne. This includes the best locations to elope in the Melbourne, as well as Greater Victoria, and some of my current Melbourne Elopement packages. So let’s do it, this is how to elope in Melbourne!

Best places to elope in Melbourne & Victoria

One of the main things you’re probably wondering if you want to know how to elope in Melbourne, would be where the best spots are. Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Whilst this list doesn’t include every single location (we would be here for days), it does include the spots I think should be first on your list.

The Grampians

Victorias answer to the Blue Mountains in NSW, the Grampians has it all. Want an epic hike out to an outlook in the middle of nowhere overlooking the vast valley? Got it. Want to find yourself a stunning crashing waterfall to elope in front of? No worries. Want to find yourself a giant wind eroded cave in the wall of a huge cliff overlooking the valley? Of course you can find that! This place is adventure central, and you will get the most belting sunsets here. It’s about 3 hours West of Melbourne with very little accommodation though, so bare this in mind!

Wilsons Promontory

Be awed by Victoria’s largest coastal wilderness area in Wilsons Promontory National Park. Affectionately known as ‘The Prom’, it is one of the state’s best loved parks – and with good reason. This 50,000 hectare reserve is threaded with a labyrinth of walking tracks that showcase all manner of magical realms sheltering abundant wildlife. Shoot down amongst the gigantic orange boulders on the beach or climb up and access the lookout. Head back down and get those last rays of light down on the sand dunes as the sand turns gold…you’ve got it all here.


Kind of out of the box for me, but I love Melbourne. If you’re thinking of an adventure, you’ll have one here. Start off with a bit of cafe hopping, coffees, bakery, good times. Enjoy Melbournes laneways and graffiti as you turn blindly down them, not knowing where you’ll end up. Finish the day down on the river with the city as your backdrop, say your vows and get those beautiful sunset shots. Or, go from here, down to Mornington Peninsula for a sunset portrait session…that’s my suggestion!

Mount Feathertop

This is one for the hikers. The Razorback trail actually spans out over 22km making it an overnighter. Most people who elope here hike a portion of the trail for their ceremony and portraits, and then hike back. No matter where you look you have beautiful mountains and nature all around you. Go in winters shoulder season so you get snow, it really adds to the magic of this location. Simply stop when you find a spot you love, say your vows, then it’s party time.

Mornington Peninsula

Imagine travelling too Scotland or Ireland and eloping in the countryside by the water. That is what this feels like. No word of a lie, the first time I shot here, 2 of my Irish couples messaged me on Insta to ask if I was in the UK! An absolutely rugged coastline that goes for miles, you can go right down to the black pebbly beach, or trek up on top of the tussocky hill overlooking the entire coastline. You will get the most epic sunset here, but be ware, it gets windy AF! I’ve been out there in 90km gusts in winter and it’s wild…fun, but wild!

Loch Arde Gorge

As a part of the Great Ocean Road drive, Loch Arde Gorge is fairly spectacular. I highly recommend it as a ceremony location as the way the rocks converge at a point and then open into the ocean, almost looks like a natural arbour. Something to be aware of is the light in this spot. As the sun sets in the West, it will cast a very distinct and sharp line across the beach, so you want to avoid this or one person will be in shade, and the other in sun. It’s all about timing here, but if you nail it, it’s breath-taking!

Aireys Beach

So I have the best recommendation here, and it has nothing to do with the photos. Ready? Before you do your portraits, go and get yourself Australia’s best woodfired pizza from Captain Aireys! Last time I was down we picked up some pizza and took them down onto the Red Rock beach with us for a snack before our portraits (you will be so grateful for food by this point). I’ve never seen a happier couple in my life! Plus, the beach itself looks like something out of Utah, huge red rock formations on a long flat beach with whispy mist in the golden air…so good!

Redwood Forest

What a cool drive this is! Last time I was in there it was monumental storm, I think about 100ml of rain. But to be real, it made the photos and the adventure so much better. We drove around this mountain in the fog searching for epic little paths to walk down and explore. Amazing roads to use, beautiful Australian Bush and lush green rainforest. It’s all about exploring here and finding what you love. You can also access the Warburton Redwood Pine forest over a bridge that was flood damaged last time I was there, but well worth checking out if you can access!

Erskine Falls

Possibly my favourite waterfall to shoot at in the East Coast of Australia. Why is that? Well, it’s kind of easy to access. I say kind of, because, well you need to do a bit of scrambling to get out there. It’s a short 5 minute walk down the stairs from the carpark. From here you will see the huge falls. If it’s been raining recently, they are huge and deafening. From here you do need to climb over a rail (can be difficult in a dress but makes for epic shots), scramble out over rocks and up towards the base of the falls…but seriously, oh so worth it. Ceremony here, portraits down on Aireys beach with a pizza anyone?

Cactus Country

You’re going to walk in here and think this one is straight out of a wedding or elopement magazine. It’s so surreal in Australia, to be surrounded by such huge cacti. But it is so cool! You will have access to the Mexican styled grounds as well as buildings which are just covered in beautiful pastel colours. It only costs around $450 for 3 hours I think, and $150/hr after that, so it’s actually a super cheap option which comes with a pre built in wet weather plan too, which in this part of the world can be invaluable!

Cape Woolamai

Take a trip out to Phillip Island, about 2 hours South East from Melbourne. Walk along the clifftops and down the trail out to the southern most point. From here you will have the Island in the background. I recommend doing your ceremony up on the top of the cliffs looking down on the sheer rock formations below you. From there, find the path (or make your own) and head down onto the rocky pebble beach and awe at the massive, other worldly rock peaks rising out of the ocean as you get some once in a lifetime portraits!

Luna Park

Just for fun like Luna Park. We’ve all heard it before (well if you’re my age you have), and that’s for good reason. A lot of childhood memories were had at Luna Park, and it’s such a fun way to elope. Imagine riding the rides, playing the side show games, eating hotdogs and drinking milkshakes…and then getting married at sunset in front of the entrance. I recommend renting an old convertible like a cadillac for this one, getting some sunset photos on that outside the entrance, down on St Kilda Promenade. Treat this one like an 80’s vibe elopement, kind of like the Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas!

12 Apostles (Gibson Steps)

The coolest part of the Great Ocean Rd for me. Just outside of Port Campbell (the best place to base for this location, but book in advance, accomodation is limited, take a quick 15 minute drive down one of the nicest stretches of road you’ll ever see. You’ll find a little carpark that looks like nothing. You won’t see anything yet, so it will look underwhelming. Head down the staircase (can get slippery) towards the beach. As you round the first corner you will see them. The Apostles rising out of the water. Head down onto the whispy misty beach at golden hour and get your portraits with these wonders of the world behind you.

Mount Hotham

My favourite snowy mountain location in Australia (right up there with Cradle Mountain in Tasmania). If you are looking to try and get a snow elopement in Victoria, and snow is not something you want to leave to chance, I would opt for this over the Grampians. Between June and September, Mount Hotham will get on average 20″ of snow a day, as well as 20+ full snow falls days! For those coming from overseas, that’s a remarkable set of numbers for Australia. In the summer you’ll get tussocky grass, and stunning mountainous views during golden hour. Drive to the top or hike the Razorback, take your pick!

California Redwoods

All the beauty of the Redwood Forest up in Warburton, but the added beauty of being located down in the Otways on the Great Ocean Road. About 20-30 minutes from Erskine Falls, this epic forest full of lush green and burnt orangetones also has a stunning single drop waterfall you can access the base of. Take your pick, you have Beauchamp Falls as well as Hopetoun Falls which can be driven to (about 3km) or you can hike through the rainforest. Without a doubt do not forget mosquito spray, especially if it has been raining.

When to elope in Melbourne

Another major element of planning the perfect Melbourne elopement is picking the right time of year to do it. Melbourne & Victoria, being on the Southern point of Australia can get some pretty wild conditions, especially around winter. Unlike the rest of Australia, Melbourne is known for it’s cold and rainy days, as well as weather that can change in a moments notice. So when is the best time of year to elope in the Melbourne?

Summer – I love summer, but when it comes to eloping in Melbourne, I would opt against it, at the very least against months like February and January due to the heat. These months are also far more volatile in terms of potential storms. I have witnessed it first hand quite a few times, blue skies one minute, then 5 minutes later it’s hailing. If you get a nice day it’s beautiful, so don’t be discouraged if you want to elope in summer, it just presents more risks.

Winter – When the weather is right, it is my favourite season to elope in Melbourne. But when it’s wrong, it can be the worst. In the winter, temperatures can drop close to zero, and winds can pick up massively, especially out on the coast. But when it’s on, low temperatures, a bit of cloud cover, it looks amazing, almost giving you that London or New York feel. Still, it is less volatile than summer, but you will need to be prepared for rain and cold.

Spring & Autumn – Taking the best of both worlds here, these shoulder seasons are usually the go to if you want to play it safe. Spring and Autumn tend to be less volatile, so more predictable. Less rain and more comfortable temperatures. However, be aware, this is Melbourne. It could still drop to freezing temperatures and rain aggressively. There is no way around that, but in these months, it’s less likely. Plus. being shoulder seasons, there will be less tourists so things will be cheaper.

How to elope in Melbourne [step by step]

No guide on How to elope in Melbourne would be complete without, well, a step by step guide on how to elope in Melbourne. So let’s do it.

Step 1 | Determine a budget

Sit down with your partner, and really discuss what you want for your day. What is important? What do you both prioritise? How much money do you want to spend? I actually have a budget calculator a bit further down this page, so use that if you want to play around with some real world elopement costs for Melbourne. But this step cannot be skipped. Organise your priorities, use my calculator below, and let this be your rough budget.

Step 2 | What kind of day do you want?

The first thing you might want to think about is where you want to do this. I don’t mean the exact location, but are you wanting to travel? Or are you wanting to elope locally? The next thing you will want to consider is how adventurous you want your day to be. Are you wanting to hike up a mountain to elope? Maybe you’re wanting to hike down a cliff and scramble up behind a crashing waterfall.

Step 3 | Guests?

I suggest sitting down with your partner, and being honest about what you want. This is not the place to be shy about your intentions. This is how to plan an elopement 101, honesty! For example, if you want your parents, siblings and best friends there, and he wants no one, there’s going to need to be some major compromise. Having guests will change the logistics of your day, but if it’s important to you, then do it.

Step 4 | Telling people?

This step is obviously important if you are having guests, but even if you aren’t. Some people worry because once they get engaged, everyone starts asking when the wedding will be, where it will be etc. So knowing how you want to break the news of your elopement (if you are telling people at all) to people is crucial.

Step 5 | Photographer

Sit down with your partner and just discuss broadly what is important to you? Do you value feeling comfortable? Having fun? Amazing artistic photos? Do you want save money and get a beginner, or spend more and get a seasoned professional? Once you have this information, go through google, or Instagram and put together a list of 3-5 photographers you love and reach out.

Step 6 | Location & Date

This bit is more fun, but also more overwhelming for a lot of people. You may not have settled on eloping in Melbourne just yet, but even if you have, there are hundreds of places in Victoria to elope (as you will see below). So picking an exact location can be difficult. Pro tip is to use your photographer. Tell them what you want, and let them guide you to locations that would meet your needs. From here, pick yourself a date and continue on.

Step 7 | Vendors

Time to book in the rest of your vendors. Remember when you created a budget, and put down a priorities list. Well you’re about to use it. The same thing you did with your photographer, you will do with all your vendors. Research, shortlist, cull, contact. Make your way down your list of priorities until you hit the vendor who you prioritise the least.

Step 8 | The legalities?

The best piece of advice I can give you here is to speak to a celebrant if you’re doing things locally. They are your gurus in terms of legalities. If you’re eloping internationally, contact your version of Births Deaths Marriages (BDM), let them know your plans to elope overseas, and they will be able to advise you on the additional steps you may need to take to legally elope.

Step 9 | Timeline

This should always be done with, or by your photographer. We know how to lay out an elopement so it works best, and we understand light. If you haven’t already, outline to your photographer the plan in your head, what you want and what you don’t. From here, they should be able to put together a timeline that will work perfectly for you. It may take a few drafts, but it’s worth it. This step is crucial.

Melbourne Elopement Packages

How to elope in the blue mountains, bride and groom stand ion front of an old school troopy in the depths of the forest

Melbourne elopement package 1 | ‘You want it all’

This is my premium package for the person who wants it all. Full day coverage of photos, plus a full elopement film of your day, this one is for you.

– Full day Photography – You’ll receive a beautiful online gallery that will showcase your entire elopement. These images will be full resolution, print quality (so you can print later). You will also get a complimentary album design session to craft the perfect elopement album for you.
– Full day videography – You’ll receive a film that covers your whole day start to finish. I will also include a full ceremony film, so you can rewatch and share your ceremony.
– Travel fees fully included, so don’t sweat it.
– Album design session included + $500 album credit – So you won’t have to do it yourself at KMART.

Packages starting from $9000

Bride and groom stand on the edge of a cliff in the Blue Mountains as the golden sunset beams in on them. This is definitely how to elope in the blue mountains

Melbourne elopement package 2 | ‘All the photos’

This is my premium package for the person who wants it all. Full day coverage of photos, plus a full elopement film of your day, this one is for you.

– Full day Photography – You’ll receive a beautiful online gallery that will showcase your entire elopement. These images will be full resolution, print quality (so you can print later). You will also get a complimentary album design session to craft the perfect elopement album for you.
– The option of adding on a videographer (me) at a greatly reduced rate.
– Travel fees fully included, so don’t sweat it.
– Album design session included + $500 album credit – So you won’t have to do it yourself at KMART.

Packages starting from $6000

Bride and groom gaze into each others eyes as the sunset beams through behind them as they stand on a cliffs edge in the Blue mountains elopement packages.

Melbourne elopement package 3 | In ‘n’ Out

This is my package for those who just want the essentials covered.

– Half day Photography (4 hours) – You’ll receive a beautiful online gallery that will showcase your elopement. These images will be full resolution, print quality (so you can print later). You will also get a complimentary album design session to craft the perfect elopement album for you.
– Photographer travel fees – Fully included, so don’t sweat it.
– The option of adding on a videographer (me) at a greatly reduced rate.
– Album design session included + $500 album credit – So you won’t have to do it yourself at KMART.

Packages starting from $4500

If you want to chat about any of these packages, or making your own custom package, click the button below.

What does a Melbourne Elopement Cost?

Less words, more numbers. You’ve seen my Melbourne elopement packages above, but what about the rest of your costs? So if you want to know what the actual cost of your Melbourne elopement might be, use the calculator below.

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Elope in Melbourne

Looking to elope in Melbourne is probably one of the best decisions you’re going to make. Trust me, I have shot there so many times, and never felt let down. Between the cascading waterfalls, or the epic clifftops, the endless valleys and the sprawling hikes, this is an adventure you won’t forget. My Melbourne Elopement Packages have been crafted by me, over those years, to ensure your elopement day is everything you could ever have imagined. 

Imagine getting ready in a cute little cottage by the fireplace. A glass of red wine and some cheese getting you through the moment. You do a first look outside, overlooking the valley below. It’s cold, but your adrenaline is pumping and you barely notice it. We drive out to the ceremony location, perch up on a rock and you pour your hearts out to one another. It’s so intimate, no distractions, no compromises. We head off to the most beautiful waterfall. On the way we pull in to a local cafe, grab a coffee and some bakery because, why not? As you stand under the waterfall embracing one another, you realise, this is your elopement. This is your wedding day. 

This is the reality my Melbourne elopement packages aim to bring to life. From stunning photos, to epic locations, to the perfect personalised timeline and an unbelievable dream team of vendors. You will never forget this moment, this day. Now let’s talk about how to elope in Melbourne, starting with some packages.

Why you don’t want an ‘all inclusive’ Melbourne elopement package

On the out, it seems like picking an all inclusive, or all in one package would be the best way to go. It makes sense, usually the vendors are all bundled in, so they offer a slightly better price, and you don’t have to do anything, it’s all decided for you. I want to break down why that is the wrong way to go about things. I’ll be brief, I promise.

All the vendors being bundled in and offering a better price is actually a bit of a myth. Because you never truly see the breakdown of the prices each vendor is charging, you don’t realise you’re just paying full price. It’s like when you go to the shops the week before Black Friday and a TV is $1999, then the day before the sales they put the TV up to $2599, and then on Black Friday put it on sale at $1999. That’s kind of what happens with ‘all inclusive’ packages.

Another problem you will find is that as a vendor, I personally take a lot of pride in who I work with. I like to really get to know my couples, and give them the chance to get to know me before deciding to work together. These ‘all inclusive’ style Melbourne elopement packages tend to be run by one vendor, who is the only one you speak to pre-booking. This means you usually don’t speak to the other vendors until money has changed hands, at which point, it’s too late if you don’t have a great connection with them all.

The final issue is that this is one of the most important days in your life. This is your wedding day. I know that reducing stress sounds like a great thing, and it is, you’re completely right. But there is a better way to achieve that than to simply let someone else take full executive control of your elopement. What I do with my couples when it comes to vendors is a multi step process.

Step 1, what kind of day do you want? What kind of day do you not want? What are your dreams and what is non-negotiable, and what is your ballpark budget? I ask a bunch of deep diver questions to work out what you want essentially.

Step 2, sometimes I know vendors who will work well for you, but if not I will go and do the research. This is the time consuming and overwhelming bit everyone wants to avoid. Step 3, I contact those vendors, let them know about your plans, your date and location. I don’t give them your details just yet. I get an accurate price. Step 4, I bring all this info to you in a nice summarised manner. You simply go and look at each vendor and tell me which one/s you like the look of, and I do the introduction. Now you can start speaking to them yourselves, all about your dreams and how they can help you.

Basically, just find one vendor you really trust, and let them guide you as opposed to booking in an all inclusive Melbourne elopement package. If you like my packages below, you can reach out and I will gladly help you, it is included in every single package I offer. If you want full control over your day, but none of the work, this is how to elope in Melbourne, with me as your guide.

Why you’ll love James White Photography

Melbourne is my home away from home. It is the place I work most frequently within Australia, and for good reason. I know this area like the back of my hands. I know the secret lookouts, the hidden hikes, and most importantly, I know how to plan a timeline around them. But let’s be a bit more broad for a second. Why would you absolutely love having your Melbourne Elopement with me? There are 3 main reasons which are included in every Melbourne elopement package I offer. 

  • Planning & Coordination – I will take all the stressful and overwhelming planning off your plate. That’s right. I’ll do a deep dive to work out what you want, and what you don’t, and then I will get to work planning your dream Melbourne elopement. This includes vendors, locations, accommodation and much more. But don’t worry, I don’t make any decisions, you do. I bring everything I plan to you until you’re happy with everything. Then, on the day, I will ensure the day goes according to plan. I’ve done this hundreds of times, and you just want to have fun on your day, so leave the timeline coordination to me.
  • I only take 20 elopements per year – Why does this matter to you? This means you won’t be waiting days or weeks fro a reply from me when you need me. I will have the time and effort to dedicate to your day, you’re not just a number to me. 
  • No additional travel fees – Nice and simple. No one wants to book in a package, they’re happy with the price, then they find out there’s a $1500 travel fee to be added on top. They price you see is the price you get with me. 

Melbourne & Greater Victoria Elopement Galleries

It’s one thing to see a bunch of ‘hero’ images on someone’s Instagram, or see the best of the best on their website. So here it is, 2 of my favourite full galleries from my favourite Melbourne elopements. Why am I showing you this? Well for starters, it is going to help you envisage how your day could look.; Give you some inspiration on things you could do. Show you how a simple idea like eloping can turn into a full on adventure. So jump on in and let my real world couples show you how to elope in Melbourne in style, just click the images below.

Elopement Films

Much like the full galleries above, I’m really proud of being someone who shoots video and photo simultaneously, offering these options to people in all my Melbourne elopement packages. It’s a great way to save on costs for you, but it’s also a great way to ensure a consistency in your storytelling. So let me show you a few of my favourite films, just click the images.

Looking for an elopement photographer in Melbourne?

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of it, if you’re looking for a Melbourne elopement photographer, I reckon I might be your guy. You’ve seen my Melbourne elopement packages, you’ve heard all about how I can turn your vision and dreams into a reality, so let’s do it. Let’s actually plan your elopement. Get in touch by filling out the form below, and let me show you how to elope in Melbourne, the easy way!

Best elopement vendors in Melbourne

Putting together the perfect team for your Melbourne elopement is the sure fire recipe for a successful day. One you will remember for the rest of your lives. Now I know I said that I do the vendor research for all my couples, but doesn’t mean I don’t want to showcase some of my favourite vendors for you to start dreaming now. A lot of these vendors are from Melbourne, which is pretty standard, but don’t worry, they all travel, even if just for a small fee.

Hair & Makeup

Amy Bysouth Hair & Makeup

Amy has been at this for over a decade now, so you know she knows what she’s doing. I only ever recommend people who do both hair and makeup, because it saves you on travel costs, and Amy absolutely does both. She can do everything from minimalist all the way up to Hollywood glam. Sit back with a glass of champagne while she gets you ready for the biggest day of your life and just enjoy the banter. Prices as or 2024 are $210 per bridal hair/makeup, and $160 per bridesmaids (if you’re having any).

Kate McCleary Hair & Makeup

Kate thankfully also specialises in both hair and makeup, so no differentiating factor there. She’s been at this for quite some time, honing those skills in the process. Whether you want to feel like you’re not even wearing makeup, or want that celebrity glam look. Whether you want your hasir to just look like it normally would on a night out, or a full bridal glam piece, she’s got you. Prices as or 2024 are $180 per bridal hair/makeup, and $160 per bridesmaids (if you’re having any).


Weddings by Sheridan

Sheridan is a bit of a renegade, as she calls herself. She doesn’t do things the way others do. Will she do traditional elements to a ceremony? Absolutely, with a smile…but if you’re not up for them, she is your woman. She is going to help craft the perfect ceremony for you, no matter how weird that looks. Sheridan is someone I consider really talented at balancing the comedy & the feels side of a ceremony. Too many celebrants lean one way or the other and don’t get the balance, but she nails it. Prices as of 2024 are $1700 for an elopement ceremony, not including travel.

Samuel Millar Celebrant

Sam is an actual legend. He was the first celebrant I worked with down in Melbourne when we travelled to the Great Ocean Road. He’s bursting with fun, a bag of laughs, and really knows how to make a ceremony, even with just 2 guests feel really special. My couple travelled from Canada for this elopement, and they told me they could not have been happier with their choice in Sam. He books out really quickly, so if you want that quality banter, message him before it’s too late. Prices as of 2024 is approximately $1700, depending on travel.


Lucy Loves Charlie

Lucy loves Charlie is an amazing florist, with an amazing eye for the gorgeous pops of colour that we have all come to love. Gone are the days of the pastel pinks and white roses, or the huge native bouquets, it is all about a variety of colours that provide a beautiful contrast against your dress and your location. Prices as of 2024 vary depending on order, but you’re probably looking at $400 for a luxe bouquet and button-hole.

Art Stems on Lygon

Elegant, classy, timeless. These are probably the easiest way to describe Art Stems on Lygon and the work Petra does. Whether you want bold colours, or subdued pastels, Petra has you covered. I will say, they strike me as quite unique, unlike other bridal style bouquets, and I mean that as such a positive, completely unique! Prices as of 2024 vary depending on order, but you’re probably looking at $350 – $400 for a luxe bouquet and button-hole.


Rocky Treehouse Haven

Perfect if you’re eloping in the Grampians. Stay nestled amongst the trees, completely alone in your own space, uninterrupted by anyone. Enjoy a spa on the balcony as you have a champagne and stunning nature view with your new husband or wife.

Casita Del Sol

Eloping down in the Mornington Peninsula? This coastal stay has an outdoor fire pit under festoon lights which would be an absolutely perfect way to come back after a long elopement day. Crack open some red wine and cheese, and rug up with your husband or wife.

Hideaway Hills

Another Great Ocean Rd spot, but this is more of a 1900’s old cottage in the forest. It looks like something out of a movie. Surrounded by tall Australian Gums you will have complete isolation and peace. You even have a fireplace and a woodfire pizza oven to cook up a post elopement dinner!

Cape Otways Homestead

Another Great Ocean Road option (it’s a long road), you’ll be perched up on top of a hill overlooking the valleys. Complete peace and isolation as you sit out under the stars after a long day getting hitched. Grab a bottle of wine, and just kick back and enjoy.

Dining Options

Captain of Aireys

Hands down the best woodfire pizza in Australia. So good that after we finished our portraits session, we went back for round 2! Nothing else really needs to be said though, it’s good quality woodfire pizza, and they sell takeaway beer and wine/champagne…what more could you ask for, only 5 minutes down the road from your portraits location.


The Kyn, formally the Kyndarlin Torquay Library holds plenty of history within the Torquay community, wait for it, the head chef…James White (no, not me haha) brings a Middle Eastern inspired menu your way. Situated right on the beach front, this smart casual spot is perfect for a feed after your elopement.

Tedesca Osteria

Tedesca Osteria is a fixed menu dining experience based on their own biodynamic farm produce with a kitchen built around a wood fired oven & grill. A typical menu might consist of antipasto, hand made pasta, a seafood & meat course and dessert. This is definitely more towards the fine dining side of things, but what a menu!

Casa Del Playa

Set in an iconic 1800s building, the menu boasts the bar’s Spanish sensibilities. They highlight artisan local producers and imbue traditional tapas with a modern take. Enjoy some epic cocktails, more food than you can safely eat in a completely casual and fun atmosphere. I Couldn’t think of a better way to cap off your elopement.

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