Vow Renewal Packages Australia [How much do vow renewals cost? Pricing calculator 2024]

Renewing your vows is one of the best ways to continue to celebrate your marriage. So many people get all amped up for the wedding. Then once it’s over, just coast through life, no more celebrations. Why? Why do we feel weird about celebrating our relationship once married? For a lot of people it is a cost thing, they don’t think the cost of a vow renewal is worth it. Obviously I think that’s wrong. So I’m going to go through my 2024 vow renewal packages Australia, to break down how much a vow renewal costs. I even built an interactive vow renewal price calculator for you to use to put together a realistic budget for your day. So let’s do it, let’s look at my Australian vow renewal packages.

What is a vow renewal?

Before we delve into my vow renewal packages for Australia, let’s just make sure we are on the same page about what a vow renewal is. A vow renewal is simply a means of ‘updating’ or ‘reaffirming’ your wedding vows to your partner. It can be done any time, for any reason, in any place. There are no rules, no requirements. It doesn’t have to be a major milestone, and you don’t have to have guests. It can be hosted at a wedding venue (traditional vow renewal), or in nature, anywhere in the world (non traditional vow renewal). If you want an in-depth analysis on the topic, check out my blog on what is a vow renewal here.

How to plan a vow renewal?

I know, this is a post about vow renewal packages in Australia, but, I want to make sure you know where to start on your vow renewal journey, and just knowing how much does a vow renewal cost, is not the place to start. So let me briefly run through with you the step by step guide on how to plan a vow renewal. If you want to see the expanded and more detailed version of how to plan a vow renewal, click the link.

Step by step guide to plan a vow renewal

The first step is to create a budget. Work out what the vow renewal packages are in your area, or use my calculator (below) to work out a rough budget. Step 2 is to understand your ‘vision’ and your ‘why’. What kind of vow renewal do you want to have? Step 3 is to book a photographer. We will help you with other vendors, locations, and an all-round plan for your day, so find a photographer you love.

Step 4 is to book a location, and step 5 is to pick a date. Step 6 is to determine if you want guests or not. There is no right or wrong, it’s a personal preference. Step 7 is to choose any vendors you will be needing. Remember your photographer will recommend vendors to you if they think you will need them. The final step is to create a timeline, which a good photographer should do for you.

Now that that’s over, let’s get into it. Let’s break down the Vow Renewal Packages Australia, how much does it cost to have a vow renewal, and where should you start.

Vow renewal packages Australia (NSW)

The vow renewal packages I have outlined below are a starting guide, and were accurate as of January 2024. As they involve other vendors, and things like accommodation which incurs price changes based on the season and day of the week, these are to be used as a guide only, to give you an idea of how much your vow renewal might cost. They will however be pretty damn close, so there won’t be any ‘price scares’.

If you want to build your own vow renewal package from scratch, skip this section and go down below to our vow renewal price calculator and have a play until you come up with something you like.

Vow renewal package | Port Stephens

Renew your vows up on the famous Stockton Sand Dunes in Port Stephens. There are plenty of amazing places to stay nearby and get ready, plus some really good places to go for dinner afterwards.

Vow renewal package | Blue Mountains

This one is for the adventurers. Renew your vows on a cliff at the end of an epic hike, or say your vows down at the base of a waterfall. My personal favourite spot in NSW for a vow renewal.

Vow renewal package | Southern Highlands

With more beaches than you would know what to do with, and the countryside right on the cliffs, the Southern Highlands has it all. I would always opt for this spot if I wanted a laid back vow renewal.

Vow renewal packages Australia (Victoria)

Victoria, especially around Melbourne is one of my favourite places in the country to go for a vow renewal. In fact, this is where I conducted my first ever vow renewal, and kind of where my love for them started. So let’s have a look at some Melbourne vow renewal packages I can offer up.

Vow renewal package | Melbourne

The only urban area where I love to do a vow renewal, or anything really. There’s something about this city, the cafes, the food, the drinks, the exploring down random alleys, it really is an urban adventure. Finish your day with vows on the river!

Vow renewal package | Mornington Peninsula

My favourite spot in Victoria, well, at least top 2. Its less than an hour from Melbourne which is handy, but gives you this really rugged, epic coastline, which looks like something from the British countryside. Head down to Flinders and drop those vows.

Vow renewal package | Great Ocean Road

My other favourite place in Victoria, but let’s be real, anyone who’s seen the Great Ocean Rd or the 12 Apostles would agree. I really like to make this a full day thing, exploring the length of the road, stopping at multiple places along the way.

So how much does a vow renewal cost?

If you aren’t a fan of any of the vow renewal packages I have above, here is your chance to build your own. Below is my calculator, but a few points about it before you use it. The prices I have put in, are industry averages based on my time in the industry and my own research. They will likely be different to the price you ultimately pay, but they are a relatively good reflection nonetheless. This calculator should be used to put together a ballpark budget for your very own vow renewal, enjoy.

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How do I renew my wedding vows in Australia?

Actually very easy, pick a date and a location, lock in any vendors you want for the day and notify guests if you’re having them. There are no legal requirements at all.

Where is the best place to renew your vows?

Where is your favourite place? Honestly it’s up to you. Do you want a wedding style renewal? If so, what is your favourite wedding venue? Do you want an elopement style renewal? If so, where is your favourite spot in Australia, or the world? Go there and get it done.

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