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Your elopement journey starts here. In this 100+ page guide, I give you everything I have learned in my career to help you get planning your dream elopement.

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an absolute legend. Jimmy was our guide from the start, the guy knows his stuff…

Jimmy was an absolute weapon of a photographer, there’s no other way to say it. When we started scouring Google after we got engaged, we were blind. Honestly, we had no idea. We found Jimmy (on Instagram actually), and before we even booked him, he gave us so much insight and advice when he sent us his elopement guide. We booked him in, and honestly, never looked back. Jimmy basically replaced Google, but in an even better way. There’s nothing he couldn’t help with, or organise for us. Come to our day and it was magical. I mean, genuinely there isn’t a word that actually describes how we felt. As the one vendor we had by our sides all day long, and throughout the entire process, we couldn’t have done it with anyone else. An absolute legend. Jimmy was our guide from the start, the guy knows his stuff. We can’t wait to shoot with him again.

Meet Your Expert

James White (Call Me Jimmy)

I don’t want to bore you with pointless information here, so let me be brief. Family is everything to me. I am a husband (married in 2018), and a father to a nearly 4 year old girl. They are my everything. Why am I telling you this?

Your family is your everything, and I know that. When it comes to capturing your lives biggest moments, I come at them with that in mind. This day cannot be ‘re-done’, moments come and go. I approach your day as I approach all of mine, with family in mind.

Hear It Straight from Couples I’ve Guided & Shot Before

your story, your way

There’s not much help out there for people eloping. Mainstream media, movies, friends and family. Everyone knows weddings, but no one knows elopements. But you don’t have to do it alone, and you don’t have to do it blind. This guide is the starting point to you building the elopement of your dreams. You will also get a couple of really great pieces of information in your inbox over the next week. Dive in, follow along, and reach out to me anytime you have a question or need help, I will always respond to you personally.

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