Intimate wedding film – 5 reasons why you NEED one

Why an intimate wedding film is something you need

I hear it time and time again…“we don’t need a video, we are just getting photos”. Every time someone says it, I feel an urge inside me to try and educate them as to why that decision is a poor one. Think about it this way, in 60 years when your grandparents (and perhaps parents) are no longer here, what would you rather, if given the choice? A photo of your loved ones, or a video of them? If you’re being honest, you chose the video, and that’s ok, I would too, and believe me when I say an intimate wedding film is the answer here.

So the question is, why must you only have one? Why can’t you have both? Spoiler alert my dude, you can. And you should. Take it from me, I had a brilliant photographer for my wedding, but opted against a wedding film (I wanted to save money, fuckin good decision Jimmy). So hang with me for a few minutes if you don’t think you want to make the same mistake as old Jimbo here.

#1 Your intimate wedding is so personal

“Why get a wedding video, they’re all the same and I’ll never watch it”, is something I hear a lot of people say about traditional weddings. This is partly true (not always), because weddings all follow such a familiar format, so the films tend to look very similar. But your intimate wedding will be so unique, so intimate and so personal, it’s only natural the film itself would reflect that, right? Your intimate wedding film will be fucking amazing, and will forever remind you of the amazing, genuine and one of a kind wedding you had.

#2 For those not invited

It’s 2021 right now, and we all know what that means. Spicy flu is keeping a lot of family and friends from attending weddings. So whether you wanted an intimate wedding, or you wanted a large wedding but ended up having an intimate wedding due to restrictions, this film is going to help your guests who could not attend feel like they were there.

Even more, outside these restrictions, for other various reasons you will find certain people are unable to make your wedding. Perhaps you have elderly family who cannot attend, or relatives who are unwell. For whatever reason, having a professional intimate wedding film to show them will allow them to feel like they were a guest at your wedding.

#3 Intimate weddings are more budget friendly

According to the ABS, the average wedding in Australia is approximately $40,000 (give or take a few grand). We know that the average wedding has approximately 93 guests, and we know that the average cost per head for a wedding guest is around $170. That basically means, $15,810 (and this only includes catering, so the real cost would be higher) is due to guest numbers.

So let’s cut those guest numbers in half to under 50 (an intimate, or micro wedding). Automatically you have saved on average, between $7,000 and $8,000 (but probably more). So what will you do with that money? Buy more UberEats? That’s what we did, literally. Why not use the fact that your intimate wedding will cost significantly less than a traditional wedding to your advantage? Direct some of that budget towards getting an amazing intimate wedding film? Honestly, for between $3,000 and $5,000 you will never regret spending that little bit of money.

#4 Videos aren’t the same as photos

I can’t stress this point enough. Photos capture a moment frozen in time. Videos capture a rolling movie of memories. Photos do not have audio, you cannot hear voices. They are complimentary products, not ‘one or the other’.

You most likely went to a lot of effort to individualise your intimate wedding, to make it truthful and genuine to you. In my opinion it would be a shame to not have a film that preserves those memories.

#5 Without it, you still won’t remember everything

Kind of going off that last point, I want to stress that you won’t remember a lot from your day. It’s true what they say about weddings, that they go by in the blink of an eye and you barely get a second to take any of it in. Intimate weddings are not as bad, but you will still find you don’t remember a lot of it. Why? Because you’re in such an emotionally heightened state.

All day long your emotions are at absolute peak levels. So while you remember what you did, where you were, you won’t remember the finer details. You won’t remember the tear your parents shed when they saw you at the ceremony. You won’t remember your reaction when you saw your partner for the first time. And trust me, you won’t remember the words you said during your vows or speech (unless you keep the papers/document). I can tell you memories fade. My wedding was only 3 years ago, and sections of the day are already getting a bit hazy. Having a proper film that documents and preserves everything is invaluable.

I’ve actually included a little video a family friend did for us on our day. It’s something, and I still feel emotional when I view it, but there are no voices, no words. Its uneven coverage in terms of the day so huge chunks are missing and it generally feels home made. It will have to do because I don’t have an option anymore. However, maybe you don’t think you’ll be happy with a home made video of your intimate wedding. Maybe it’s time to talk to me about getting a film for your day too!

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