12 Wedding Planning Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

    Your Guide on Planning the Stress Free Way

    So, you’re planning a wedding? It all sounds like so much fun...until you actually get started!

    Having worked with so many couples and gone through the drama of planning my own wedding, I know it is seriously stressful stuff. Sure, you’ve binge watched ‘Cheapest Weddings’ on Netflix, but there is simply so much more to do than you probably ever imagined.

    You know you need to book a venue, a celebrant and a photographer, but would you believe there are usually over 25-30 vendors involved in a wedding? If I asked you to write them down right now, I think you would struggle to identify 10 of them. I’m not suggesting you aren’t up to this, but rather that you haven’t (I assume) organised a wedding before. As a result, you’re coming into this major event planning experience with a lot to learn.

    Don’t worry, this is the case for everyone I work with (it was for me too).

    So with an absolute fucking plethora of things to organise, how do you ensure you get it all right? How can you ensure that you create the best wedding day ever? Is there a way to guarantee a stress free wedding?

    Fortunately, you’re in the right place. Below are the top 12 tips I have picked up from watching hundreds of couples in the leadup to and on their big day. The following advice will help ensure you have a stress free wedding day.

    Take a look at every tip and you’ll be saved a lot of stress (not to mention a chunk of $$$).


    So what should you do to plan a wedding? Just jump in!

    Start looking for venues first; that is crucial. Don’t get me wrong, you can check out a few venues, but no need to overdo it. Go with your gut! If it tells you you have found the perfect place, which is available on your day and fits in your budget…what are you waiting for?!

    Once this is done, move on to the other big ticket items like Photography, Hair and Makeup and Florals. Do the same with them! Check a few out and do your due diligence, but as soon as you find someone who you love, and whose work you are blown away by, if they are available and in your budget, don’t play games and wait, book them in!

    These are the huge ticket items, all sorted now. That is usually what takes people over a year to get onto. You have just reduced your stress endlessly.

    As my most recent bride Charley said to me, “I just cut to the chase, and refused to muck around”. It can be done, you just need to trust your gut, and take the plunge.

    Final words from your wedding photographer:

    I am always here to help you out!

    As I mentioned multiple times throughout this guide, photographers don’t just take photos, we really do help plan and coordinate a wedding to make it memorable for all the right reasons.

    I am always happy to chat with you and get a game plan going, and then you can continue planning with a bit more focus and a LOT less stress.

    Good luck you guys… and CONGRATS!!



    These tips are AMAZING! And the photos are just MAGICAL!

    Thank you! Lots of great tips. Beautiful photos!