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in hindsight I would have spent 10x what we did to have jimmy with us on the day!

We are so thankful for Jimmy and the amazing elopement experience he crafted for us. We flew from Canada to Australia, and honestly, the best decision we ever made. He put together the entire day perfectly for us. He took the time (hours and hours across months) to get to know us as a couple, and individually, and then used all that information to make the day uniquely special for us. The best bit (if I had to choose one) was that we didn’t have to do anything. He did all the research, and put ideas in front of us to decide on, it made the entire thing a walk in the park. As for the day, well, I mean the guy downed a VB with us (which he absolutely hated) so we could have our Aussie experience to start our day, and it only got more fun from there. We highly recommend Jimmy as your photographer, you will not regret it!!!