Why Family Photos Are Important!

    Why Your Family Photos Are Important & Should Be An Essential Part of Your Family Story

    Well, you either googled it, or you subscribe to me, so I presume you’re curious about family portraits. If not, click away new friend, but if you are, let’s do this! I hear this a lot from people, that they don’t think family photos are important, or they are not worth the money. It saddens me, if I can be honest. How can memories of your family, not be worth money? Money comes and goes, and we can always make more of it…but we can’t get memories back once they are lost. Once our kids grow up, we can’t turn back time, right? And what about when the inevitable happens? I know I know, we hate to talk about it, but ultimately, this is what photos are for! When our loved ones are no longer physically in our lives, we will always have our photos, which spark our memories, and as such, they live on…beautiful right?

    If you are still with me, congrats! You recognise the importance of capturing these memories, and you are exactly the person I am speaking to! So let’s delve a little deeper, and discuss why exactly family photos are so important in our lives.

    Family Photos Are Important in the history of your family at newcastle beach

    Progress, Not Perfection…

    A bit vague James, you might be saying. I know! Let me explain. I often get families who desperately want to do a family photoshoot, but explain they can’t because their kids are a bit naughty, or don’t behave perfectly yet. To that I say, “who wants perfection anyways?” Honestly…who wants perfection? How boring! Your family is unique, and they are who they are. Capture that, not some fake version of your family, acting and behaving for my camera in a way that society might deem ‘perfect’.

    If your kids pull stupid faces, I would encourage that. If they crash tackle each other, I will be on the floor with them shooting that. No matter what it is, my job is to capture a moment, even a phase in your lives, however imperfect it may be. Because in 20 years time, when they are adults, and you have slightly more grey hairs, you can look back on these images, and remember all of their phases and changes in personality. You can piece together the jigsaw that makes up their individual story, and use that to tell the story of your family as an entire unit.

    Those Events We Don’t Talk Of…

    Yes, I know, I fear death about as much as the next person. Do I enjoy talking about it on a daily basis…no! But is it a reality? Sadly, yes. Now, I don’t want to bum you out, so I won’t, but I think the point I am making here is loud and clear to you. Family dynamics can change in a flash, with little or even zero warning. In the event that this happens, you don’t want to be left wondering why you didn’t capture some amazing photos, because those photos will be all you have to move forward with.

    When you have so many kids, Family Photos Are Important because they capture your growth. Newcastle Beach

    Mum Syndrome Is a Real Thing…

    Dads, do not kid yourselves…you do not pull your weight! I know I am vilifying an entire gender here, but having done over 250 family photoshoots, I think I have this same complaint from every single one…“I am never in any photos, it sucks!”

    So is this fair? Of course not! Mum’s should be in the photos just as much as dads…hell, whoever is taking all the photos should be in them just as much as their partner! Not even taking into account for a moment our amazing single parents who take every photo, and are in none.

    So why do we put up with this? It’s just the norm, right? That is absolute rubbish! In 30 years time, when your kids are showing their children their family photos of them as kids…where will you be? “Why is grandma or grandpa not in any photo” they will say (I know, my niece is already saying this about my mum, who is in no photos because she was taking them all). You deserve it! At least once a year, do a family portrait session, so at least in the professional shots, you are in all of them! Missing out on being in your own family photos is no longer acceptable, this is why family photos are important and a professional should be doing them for you.

    Boost Your Children’s Confidence…

    How on earth can having photos of your family taken boost your children’s confidence? It’s actually really simple. What happens when you 5 year old comes home from school with a cool painting of the family they did, or a drawing of your house they did in class? Where does it go? On the fridge! It get’s put up. Why? For everyone to see. They learn this really quickly. If they do something good, or worthy, it goes on the Fridge, on display for the family and any visitors to see.

    So now, what do you think will happen, when you purchase a print, and hang it prominently in the middle of your living room wall, for everyone to see? The are going to assume, that they are worthy of being shown off to everyone, same as the painting on the fridge. I know, it sounds crazy right? But I am dead serious. Now add onto this, that you have spent time, and money getting these photos, only serves to reinforce how much you love them, and how much of a valued member of the family they are. Family photos are important for a lot of reasons, but honestly, this one really hits home for me!

    Family Photos Are Important for this couple with their newborn on the beach

    So why are family photos important? Well, to recap (just in case you skipped the article…but you didn’t, you’re awesome), they track progress of your family, all the funny, amazing, and weird phases they go through, they safeguard us in the event of the unthinkable happening, because you want to actually be in some of the photos, and because they boost your kids confidence!

    At this point, I wonder, do you really need any more convincing on the importance of family photography? If you need to chat about getting some updated photos, feel free to get in touch with me anytime by sending me an email enquiry. I am always happy to help!

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