Wedding Photography Information

    Yes! I am so excited you are here, you’re engaged and you have asked to chat to me about capturing your big day! This is everything to me, because it’s everything to you. This page should give you more information about packages, pricing, and some other general FAQs. At the bottom you can schedule a quick phone call with me and we can chat in more detail about the two of you and your plans.

    What to expect at your shoot

    Your wedding will be loads of fun, and super casual. Imagine, it’s just you, your best friends and closest family, having the best day of your lives. There isn’t much posing so you don’t have to worry about that. Then imagine your portraits, absolutely no one else around, just the two of you, adventuring, experiencing life. You and your partner will be too busy laughing at each others silly jokes, too busy whispering dirty little secrets too one another, and too busy jumping around like big kids too even notice the slight posing prompts I give you. You won’t have any concept of time, you’re actually just having a genuinely amazing day, sharing a fun, intimate experience with your partner. All the stress you were told comes with weddings, forget that, not your wedding. I specialise in making this a reality for your wedding day. You will have an amazing memory, one to carry forward as a new family forever. Bring on the future!


    I have wedding packages to suit almost every need. Packages start from $3500 for weddings, and $2300 for elopements. If your wedding doesn’t neatly fit into a package, that’s cool, I use my packages as starting points to build off and customise to suit you. I also specialise in providing you with premium products you can enjoy for decades to come, not just digital files to enjoy once and then forget about. These are all optional, my only care is to maximise the value you get out of your wedding day, and my services.

    Schedule a phone call to book in your photoshoot at the bottom of the page.

    So Let’s Chat about your Wedding

    So let’s do it. Schedule a call at the link below, get a beer or wine, and get ready to tell me all about you two and your awesome plans for your wedding! I cannot wait to speak with you!

    Do we need a videographer?

    No you don’t need one, but will you regret not getting one? I would say it’s highly likely. Photography and Videography are not the same thing, they do and tell vastly different stories. My advice would be to get both, ask me about this, I have a few legends I recommend.

    Should I get a second photographer?

    If you meet either of these criteria, get a second photographer; (1) You are having more than 125 guests, or (2) you are getting ready at such different locations.

    If you are having a big wedding, 1 person can only be in so many places, so it becomes harder to capture everyone evenly. A second shooter helps here. If you are getting ready in Newcastle, and your partner is getting ready in Avoca, for a wedding in the Hunter, I simply cannot go to both places and still make your ceremony, so you will need a second shooter, maybe just for this portion of the day though.

    Should I get a wedding album?

    Yes. I am super passionate about this. Imagine spending $4,000 on photography, and say $35,000 on a wedding, getting amazing photos and never looking at them again. What a waste. That is what happens to most people. They get their files, they stay on a random USB forever and end up never being enjoyed. Having an album (or prints) means you get joy out of your images much more frequently. This is maximising your value and making your return much greater for the money you spent.
    Digital files are a great backup (and that is why you get them), but people tend to look through albums or prints on a wall much, much more often than they scroll through files on a computer.

    How long in advance should I book you?

    Normally speaking, 12 months is pretty good. However, right now during COVID19 it can be 18-24 months because of the mayhem caused in 2020 and the subsequent reschedules. I recommend getting in as soon as you have a date and venue. Do not put it off or leave it too long.

    Should we do an engagement session?

    Yes. It’s a great way to get used to being photographed by your wedding photographer before the actual wedding. Also a great way for me to get to know you and how you work in front of the camera. Finally it is a great way to capture an awesome time in your lives. Weddings are not just about the wedding day, that’s the final product of sometimes 18 months work. Capture yourselves during the journey.