Slideshows ARE NOT Full Videos

    I need to make this clear, a premium slideshow is still not a wedding video. A full on wedding film will go far deeper, and get way more emotional than I can in my slideshow. I always recommend a wedding video (if you get a wedding video with your photography package you get a premium slideshow anyway), but if you truly cannot afford it, this is a pretty damn good compromise.

    Slideshows come FAST!

    These are an awesome way to not have to wait 8+ weeks to relive your day. Wedding films take quite a long time to put together as they are a tonne of work, but these slideshows take only 10 hours to put together. As a result, you get to relive your wedding day, vows and all, only 2-3 days afterwards. Pretty epic!

    Budget friendly...

    If you truly cannot afford a film (and again, I cannot stress enough how much I suggest getting a film), this is a pretty good compromise. You will still have your vows captured, plus some pretty compelling film throughout your day. It’s no wedding film, but for those for whom money is really tight, it’s significantly better than having nothing!