This isn't about paying someone to take photos. This is about an experience, a journey, one which forms lifelong memories, some of the greatest memories in your entire life. When making this decision, the more you know, the better!

    You’ve come seeking information and wisdom…I like you. Below you will find answers to the most common questions I get asked by brides and grooms when planning a wedding. You will find reviews from other brides and grooms, just like you. You will also find some useful blog articles which will help with the planning process!

    The info here is pretty broad, and won’t perfectly reflect your circumstances or your wedding. So if you feel that you have not found the info you need, click the button below and ask away, I am  always keen to help people plan the wedding of their dreams (unless the football is on, then you gonna have to wait…sorry!).  

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    Louisa & Travis
    James is an epic photographer. He is super personable and lively, it's hilarious and puts you at ease right away. My husband and I had an amazing experience at our engagement session, so by our wedding, James was literally a friend of ours. Could not recommend more!!
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    Bride and groom standing under a gumtree in Australia right after elopement ceremony.
    Shannon & Luke
    We had so many compliments from people on James and Daniela’s professionalism at our wedding. People loved that they just captured the night as it was and didn't try to control or create 'perfect' photos. It was remarkable how much we felt like we were lifelong friends, made the day an absolute breeze. The images are so amazing, we’re so excited and can't wait for our album!!
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    Lana & Luke
    James is so unique, caring and an absolutely amazing photographer. We laughed non stop, and he made the day such a breeze and just allowed us to focus on having the best time! I would recommend him to everyone!
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    Melinda & Eleanor
    James did a wonderful job of photographing our wedding day. James’ relaxed and comfortable approach helped us to talk about what we wanted to capture on our day and how important it was to us. James listened to us and delivered! He presented to us the most beautiful photos of our friends and family and really captured some great moments which have created fantastic memories for us to look back on forever. X
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    Cindy & Doni
    On our wedding day James captured so many great moments and we can look back and remember those great memories. James is easy going, passionate and really helped make the day go smoothly. We remember seeing James laying on the floor or standing on a chair getting those candid photos. He was determined to get all the right angles- it made us laugh!Nothing felt forced or awkward and his style of photography suited us perfectly.
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    Alana & Danny
    James and Daniela were absolutely amazing, they both had such a relaxed and fun attitude and that showed in the photos we received. All of our guests enjoyed having them around. People thought we had known them for years, they blend in that well! There are so many shots worthy of hanging on the wall, I hardl know where to choose! We would highly recommended both James and Daniela to anyone!! Thank you so much guys! Xoxo
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    You are based in the Hunter Valley, but I am getting married somewhere else. Can I still book you?
    Let me think about it...does Donald Trump fake tan? Heck yes! I love to travel, the weirder and more unique location the better! Travel fees obviously apply, but totally worth it to have me their on your big day!
    Should we do an engagement, or pre-wedding shoot?
    Yes! A thousand times, yes! It's a great chance to have fun, get to know one another and get some sick shots! Plus, why only capture the one day of this entire process? The planning process is a bigger part of your life than the wedding, capture that too...Duh!
    I'm struggling to plan my wedding! Can you help?
    You are in luck good friend! I have worked with some of the most beautiful and talented creatives in the Hunter Valley/Newcastle area and would be happy to provide you a list of them if you would like.
    I love your work, but I found a bunch of photographers who are cheaper. Will you match them?
    Here's the dealio, if you have a strict budget, but really love the vibe between us, I will work with you to create a custom package that suits everyone, whether this means reducing hours, wedding albums, whatever, because I want to be a part of your day if you want me to be there! But, If you ask for a discount so that you can afford to walk down the aisle on a Unicorn covered in's a no from me.
    You're the one! How do I book you?
    Awesome! The easiest way is to fill out the form under the contact tab on this page. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your wedding plans, and we can get talking! I always like to meet my clients in person before the big day if possible, particularly over an engagement photoshoot. So if you are local, expect to do a coffee date with yours truly at some point before booking. A great way to get to know one another in an informal setting, plus, coffee!
    How much do you charge?
    How long is a piece of string? Well if we are talking about the string in my hand, I charge about 15cm, which is terrible because I can't pay my mortgage in metric units of distance measurement. However, I can in dollars, so if you want to email me, I can send you a full price list, but as a rough guide, weddings start from $3500. I have payment plans for all my clients which makes this a far easier payment to make!
    I want to book you, do you require a deposit?
    I certainly do. The deposit is $1000 of booking and is non refundable.