Film & photo ARE different

    Despite what people may think, film and photos are 2 totally different products. A photo cannot speak, and it cannot move. A film cannot be printed or put on your walls. A photo captures a snapshot in time, open to your interpretation. A film allows you to be transported right back into a moment, and feel all the sensations again

    The day flies by

    It’s true, blink and it’s over. Now sure, you’ll have your photos, and they’ll be amazing, but if you did want to relive what was said in your vows (trust me, you’ll be so emotional you won’t remember), or what your parents said in their speech, photos just won’t cut it. The video will allow you to relive all these moments, any time you want.

    Regret is the worst feeling...EVER!

    Regret sucks, honestly. No one likes regretting something, be it something they did, or didn’t do. In my case, I decided I didn’t want to spend the money, and I genuinely regret that decision. Every time I see someone elses video, or talk to clients about videos, it reminds me of the shitty decision I made…