The Best Hunter Valley Wedding Venues For Your Big Day!

    Oh hell yes! You’re getting married, I love it! And if you’re in my neck of the woods, I reckon you are getting married around the Newcastle/Hunter Valley region? Nailed it! Well, let me help you out, just a little bit, by offering up my summary of the absolute best Hunter Valley wedding venues, to make your dream day a reality!

    I’m not going to bore you with text, or bore you with words, you came here for pretty pictures of amazing Hunter Valley wedding venues and I am going to give it to you! In fact, I’ll give you some videos too, just because I am a nice guy like that. If you have any questions about these venues, simply ask away by hitting the button below!

    Estate Tuscany

    This venue is no joke. As versatile as, well, a thing that is really versatile (think of something, don't be lazy), you can make this venue into anything you could imagine. It can be timeless, elegant white, rustic wooden themed, boho, vintage or even something more exotic like Moroccan Luxe. You pick!

    In fact, I got married here myself, so no guesses as to why this place ranks amongst my favourite hunter valley wedding venues of all time. The staff here are brilliant, and will make you feel so special. You want to know their secret? They, they actually care!

    Want an outdoor wedding, but terrified that it might rain? No worries! They can host your wedding in the Courtyard (with views of the vineyards and mountains), and if it looks dicey, pack up and move into the restaurant, also with views of the vineyard and mountain ranges.

    But what about portraits? I don't does vineyards, open fields, country dirt roads, big willow trees, and mountain ranges sound for options? Exactly! This place is legit, a dream come true. Go in, speak to Kate, and just enjoy the ride.

    Estate Tuscany Wedding Shoot

    Behind the Scenes


    Just imagine, peace, quiet, and absolutely stunning scenery. Well, you are on your way to imaging how amazing Stonehurst truly is. Set on like 550 acres...ridiculous I know, this place has everything. If you are after something rustic, boho, vintage, this is your place. The beautiful sandstone wine cellar is the perfect place to host this kind of wedding!

    For me, arriving at Stonehurst was amazing...mainly because I was greeted by their two cute pups in the carpark. If you love dogs, this place will win you over before you even get inside! But if that isn't enough, then let the beautiful staff win you over. They know their stuff, and are the reason that Stonehurst is one of the Hunter Valleys best wedding venues.

    Let's face it, we have all seen the iconic sandstone wine cellar, with its gorgeous olden blue wooden doors scattered across Instagram and Pinterest, right? But this venue offers so much more in regards to photo opportunities! Want rocky mountainside? How about open fields? Dirt country roads? Take your pick, spoilt for choice!

    Want that outdoor wedding feel, but scared about rain (noticing a common theme here?) ruining your day? Don't be! You can set your reception up amongst the rows of tress, under the fairy lights, or have it inside the wine cellar, it is your choice (or Mother Nature's to be fair).

    Stonehurst Wedding Shoot

    Behind the Scenes

    So What Next?

    Well, I hope by now you have some kind of shortlist of the Hunter Valley's best wedding venues, that you simply must check out! But hey, do not take my word for it. After all, I am not you, and you are not me. We have different tastes, and you want to make sure you pick the best wedding venue for YOU, not for anyone else.

    So what do you do next? Well, contact the venues directly to organise a meeting, or you can contact me and I will gladly help you with more info about these venues (and more) to help you make decision on which venues might be right for you! These are my favourite venues to shoot at, so we can also chat about your wedding photography needs! Just hit the button below!

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