I'm Unavailable

    This one is pretty simple I guess. Given the number of enquiries I get a year, it’s inevitable that I’m unavailable for a lot of them. A lot of these people feel like they’re missing out on the experience and look they wanted for their photos, so by offering teams, I can still provide that to them, even if I can’t be there for the actual shooting component. For some people that’s a deal breaker, and that’s fine, however for many it isn’t, so this option allows them to still book it in.

    I'm Out of Budget

    Every now and then people will contact me, however, I am a bit out of their budget. They’ve fallen in love with my style and my images look however, and really want to book me, but can’t. Teams usually come in at about $1,000 less expensive than my personal bookings, and as a result, you get that look and feel you love, at a more cost effective price, the only thing you don’t get is me on the day.

    Not my Style

    This is no secret, I have a preferred style. For me it’s intimate weddings and elopements, I personally am not brilliant at shooting larger scale traditional weddings. However, I get a lot of these enquiries, and I didn’t want to just say no and disappoint. So, I found photographers I love and trust who thrive on larger scale traditional weddings, meaning you get an amazing photographer on the day, and your images will still feel like the style and look you fell in love with.