More Information!

    So why am I doing this? Well, I started my career in Cronulla, so the Shire has a special place in my heart! That’s why this special offer is for Shire families ONLY! I want a chance to give back to a few lucky families from my old hood, and a chance to hang out with some amazing people again. Shire families are legends, and I know costs of living are rising, so I wanted to help you get the photos you have always wanted, at an affordable price!



    So how does it work? Well first of all, if you found yourself not agreeing with the text at the top, this may not be the project for you. But I’ll assume you are a legend. Normally these shoots ring in at around $1,195, but today, for 5 families only, I am doing them for $600!! The date of the shoots will be September 14th and will be in Kurnell. These shoots are limited (I only have enough time for 5 families, maximum), so enter your details and I will get in touch and hopefully get you onto one of the slots!


    You made it this far, I know you want to have your beautiful family captured for you to enjoy forever! So don't get distracted by Youtube videos of puppies, or videos of people cooking steaks on a car engine, enter your details now!

    Once your details are received, I will schedule a quick phone chat with you, as it is important to me that the right families are the ones getting this opportunity. Then...let's get you booked in!

    Shoots will take place in the Kurnell on September 14th. Spots are limited to STRICTLY 5 ONLY!