This isn’t about just paying someone to take photos. This is about an experience, a journey, one which forms lifelong memories, some of the greatest memories in your entire life. When making this decision, the more you know, the better!”

    You’ve already done the hardest part!

    Good news, you’ve already started the journey by beginning your search for the perfect photographer for your intimate day. It’s a long journey from here, but don’t worry, you’ll be fine, I’ve got you! 

    This page is a big one, so if you’re just after package info, look right below this and you’ve got what you’re looking for. If you want info on any of the other services I offer, you can use the table of contents above to fast scroll to whatever you want to read more about. If you’re just after prices before you submit the contact form below, then look no further. These are not exhaustive, these are just my most commonly selected packages.


    + 8 hours coverage
    + Slideshow Teaser
    + Premium 8×12” Box with 15 Torn Edge Prints
    + Online Gallery | Print & Web Files



    + 8 hours coverage
    + 5-7 minute feature film with audio
    + Online Hosting for 1 year
    +Fully licensed music

    Starting at $5500

    Elopement Photography

    + Coverage TBD (minimum 4 hours)
    + Slideshow Teaser
    + Online Gallery | Print & Web Files

    Starting at $4000

    Wedding Photography Info

    I feel like not much needs to be said about wedding photography right? You need to capture memories of your day, and if you’re like most, photographers are probably your first or second booking. So the point of this page is to give you a proper insight into what a full wedding looks like, as opposed to just the hero images you see on instagram!

    Most photographers put their best work on Instagram, and their websites of course. It makes sense, it’s how we market ourselves. But you aren’t buying a handful of ‘hero images’, you’re buying a complete gallery, so I want to show you a few to give you an idea of how I shoot my days from start to finish, and what your completed gallery will look like.

    Wedding Film Information

    Maybe you’ve read about it on my site, heard about it on my insta, been told about them by a friend, or just know you want one…wedding films are fucking awesome! Sadly I can’t speak from personal experience, and the fact we didn’t get one still upsets my wife and I. Thankfully for you, it’s all ahead of you, so fucking exciting! On this page you will find a bunch of our favourite films for you to watch, a little bit of info about them, and what to do next.

    The most common thing I hear from people (also what my wife and I said when we decided against a film) is, “what’s the point, I’ve already booked a mad photographer?” Let me run through a few very brief reasons this statement could not be more wrong.

    Film & photo are different

    Despite what people may think, film and photos are 2 totally different products. A photo cannot speak, and it cannot move. A film cannot be printed or put on your walls. A photo captures a snapshot in time, open to your interpretation. A film allows you to be transported right back into a moment, and feel all the sensations again

    The day flies by

    It’s true, blink and it’s over. Now sure, you’ll have your photos, and they’ll be amazing, but if you did want to relive what was said in your vows (trust me, you’ll be so emotional you won’t remember), or what your parents said in their speech, photos just won’t cut it. The video will allow you to relive all these moments, any time you want.

    Regret Sucks!

    Regret sucks, honestly. No one likes regretting something, be it something they did, or didn’t do. In my case, I decided I didn’t want to spend the money, and I genuinely regret that decision. Every time I see someone elses video, or talk to clients about videos, it reminds me of the shitty decision I made…

    Wedding Slideshow Info

    you’ve spent any time on my Insta, you’ve probably seen the slideshows I’m becoming kind of well known for creating for my couples. They started as nothing special, simply a way to provide you a few ‘sneak peak’ photos within a few days of your wedding, but have totally snowballed into their own product! There are two types, and this page will better outline the difference so you know what you’re getting.

    Premium Slideshows

    These slideshows are kind of like a cross between a wedding film, and wedding photos. I capture drone footage of your venue, moving video across your entire day, audio of your vows, and mix that all in to create an amazing, special and powerful ‘sneak peak’ of your wedding photos. What does it include:
    – Audio from your vows/random parts of the day
    – Video throughout your day
    – Drone footage (where possible)
    – 60-80 of the best images
    – Music

    Standard Slideshows

    The standard slideshow is closer to what the original intention of the slideshow is, a ‘sneak peak’ of my favourite 60-80 images, put too music. It’s really just a far nicer way to view your photos, and much better than receiving 4-5 random images in an email a few days after your wedding. What does it include:
    – 60-80 of the best images
    – Music

    Slideshows are not videos

    I need to make this clear, a premium slideshow is still not a wedding video. A full on wedding film will go far deeper, and get way more emotional than I can in my slideshow. I always recommend a wedding video (if you get a wedding video with your photography package you get a premium slideshow anyway), but if you truly cannot afford it, this is a pretty damn good compromise.

    Slideshows are fast

    These are an awesome way to not have to wait 8+ weeks to relive your day. Wedding films take quite a long time to put together as they are a tonne of work, but these slideshows take only 10 hours to put together. As a result, you get to relive your wedding day, vows and all, only 2-3 days afterwards. Pretty epic!

    Budget friendly

    If you truly cannot afford a film (and again, I cannot stress enough how much I suggest getting a film), this is a pretty good compromise. You will still have your vows captured, plus some pretty compelling film throughout your day. It’s no wedding film, but for those for whom money is really tight, it’s significantly better than having nothing!

    Albums & Prints

    People often overlook wedding prints. They’re often considered outdated and ‘old school’. And while this may be true, that is exactly why you need one! Think about the technological advances we have seen just in the last 15 years. What even is a CD? A USB? How long will cloud storage be a thing? But books, prints, well, they’re going nowhere…ever. 

    If you intend to leave your wedding images on a hard drive somewhere gathering cyber dust, that’s totally fine, but if you actually wan to see them more than once per year (when you post them for your obligatory anniversary post on IG), then you will want to print them one way or another. So let’s talk about a few of the best ways to enjoy your images.

    Wedding Albums

    Just ask anyone how often they get out their hard drive and look at their wedding photos on their phone? Probably never. These albums sit proudly on your coffee table or bookshelf. They are your first family heirloom. The first thing you’ll own as a new family that you can open day pass down. These are here for you to enjoy for decades to come. 

    Base Album 10″ x 10″ (20 pages) | $995
    Additional Spread (2 pages) | $39
    Translucent Title Page | $70
    7″ Parent Album (20 pages) | $500

    Framed Prints

    An image only has value when you can see it. Think of the 10,000+ images on your phone right now, and you’ll realise, unless you pull it open, it gives you no joy, it brings back no memories. Framed prints on the wall put your favourite images, the most important people in your life right in front of you, bringing back those warm memories every time you see them. 

    10″ x 10″ Print | $150
    12″ x 18″ Print | $320
    24″ x 16″ Print | $450
    Cotton Rag Fine Art Finish | $90


    Teams is a concept I came up with to help people who really wanted to work with me, and get that ‘James White’ experience and look, but couldn’t for one reason or another. I have a team of photographers who I have shoot for me, similar (not identical) in personality and energy, who then bring me the images to edit, so the look will be exactly what you see on my site/IG. I’m still the person to help you with planning and everything, so you get to tap into my experience in that regards, it will just be someone else shooting on the day…simple. There are 3 major reasons why I put this program together, and why it has been, to date, quite successful.

    I’m unavailable

    This one is pretty simple I guess. Given the number of enquiries I get a year, it’s inevitable that I’m unavailable for a lot of them. A lot of these people feel like they’re missing out on the experience and look they wanted for their photos, so by offering teams, I can still provide that to them, even if I can’t be there for the actual shooting component. For some people that’s a deal breaker, and that’s fine, however for many it isn’t, so this option allows them to still book it in.

    I’m out of budget

    Every now and then people will contact me, however, I am a bit out of their budget. They’ve fallen in love with my style and my images look however, and really want to book me, but can’t. Teams usually come in at about $1,000 less expensive than my personal bookings, and as a result, you get that look and feel you love, at a more cost effective price, the only thing you don’t get is me on the day.

    Not my style

    This is no secret, I have a preferred style. For me it’s intimate weddings and elopements, I personally am not brilliant at shooting larger scale traditional weddings. However, I get a lot of these enquiries, and I didn’t want to just say no and disappoint. So, I found photographers I love and trust who thrive on larger scale traditional weddings, meaning you get an amazing photographer on the day, and your images will still feel like the style and look you fell in love with.

    Galleries shot by Team Members

    Engagement Shoot

    Open your phone, and tell yourself, do you have anything other than selfies of you and your partner? If you said yes, well you’re either lying, or you’re in the 1% who actually have proper photos. Have you ever printed a photo of yourselves? Do you have any physical albums? 

    Engagement shoots allow you to capture this incredibly important time in your lives, in a fun, relaxed and completely intimate way.

    They also have the added benefit of being a great practice round for anyone who is a little camera shy. It gives you a chance to become comfortable in front of the camera, and also gives me a chance to work out how to work with you to get the absolute best out of you for your wedding!

    Plus, I always bring a cheeky 6 pack of beers to my shoots, so beer always makes everything better, right?

    Standard Engagement shoots (1 hour & local) are $895

    Adventure Engagement shoots (3 hours, + overnight stay for you in a cute cabin) at $1295