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Wybung Heads | Perfect Spot for an Elopement?

Are you Considering a Hunter Valley Elopement?

So you’re getting married, and you’re starting to plan the big day? Exciting, yes? For some, that is the case. For others, it can be daunting. The stress of money, the stress of organising so many different vendors, it can get to even the toughest person.

Or maybe, you know, you just don’t want that whole traditional wedding jazz. You’re a free spirit, and you do things your way. So now, you’re searching for the perfect spot for a Hunter Valley Elopement. Well, there are plenty, let me tell you that…do yourself a favour and check out Watagans for an Elopement.

The Journey

Let me tell you about something, a bit different, ok? Something a bit, Byron Bay-esque. Let me paint the picture for you.

You drive into the National Park, the road is dusty, long, and windy. You wonder what you are going to find. After 20 minutes pass, you come out of the trees and see an expansive view of the ocean. It’s breathtaking. You arrive, park the car, and commence walking down another 10 minutes. Finally, you get there, a massive rocky cliff, with incredible headland, all to yourself. 270 degree ocean views of the turquoise blue water.

Just Ask Courtney & Matt

You pinch yourself, could it be real? It is! Just ask Courtney and Matt who were lucky enough to have their engagement photoshoot out here. Believe it or not, they drove nearly 5 hours all up for this session! That is dedication! I asked them afterwards if they thought it was worth it, and this is what Matt said:

“We have nothing like this at home. Was it worth the long drive…hell yes! Would we do it again, 100%! This was unbelievably fun and easy!”

This session was so much fun, and this couple, wow! Not only did they have dedication, but they were photogenic too. I mean, look at them! They had such a remarkable attitude, and just laughed and laughed, even at my terrible jokes.

Was It Worth It?

As we came to an end, we got chatting about weddings and the importance of engagement photoshoots (check that out here). We had chatted about how perfect these Hunter Valley Locations would be for an elopement. But we were just glad we got to experience it together for this stunning engagement.

As we got into our cars, Matt left me with this remark:

“If you are looking for a Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer, look no further than James White! If you want someone a bit different, who is funny, a bit weird and makes you laugh, do it!”

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to chat about how an engagement shoot could benefit you, and maybe enjoy one of our beautiful locations, or just chat about your upcoming wedding, get in touch now! Until then, enjoy the beautiful images below!

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