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My Favourite Vendors in Newcastle, Hunter Valley & The Central Coast

The Best Wedding Vendors in Newcastle, Hunter Valley & The Central Coast

The title says it all on this one. This is a list of my favourite vendors in our local area. This list is ever evolving, sometimes I will add new people to it (if I work with them and realise they are amazing), and people may be removed, so you can rest assured this list is totally up to date and showcases only the absolute best wedding vendors in Newcastle, Hunter Valley & the Central Coast. With all of the below mentioned vendors, I not only recommend them because they do absolutely amazing work, but also because their beliefs and personalities really mesh with me and my brand. If you’ve perhaps already photographed with me, and love my style…these will be your people. Each vendor will have a link to their site so feel free to follow those, and of course, if you have any questions at all, get in touch with me and I will gladly help guide you.

funny celebrant in newcastle being hugged and kissed by bride and groom after wedding ceremony


Holy Matrimonty – Monty Haron is a one of a kind, no word of a lie. If you have ever been a guest at a wedding he has officiated then you know what I mean. If not, well, he wears hot shorts, cowboy boots, and cracks a huge whip (yes, you read that right) as he enters a ceremony. So if you’re after a traditional celebrant, look away, Monty is wild, hilarious and downright amazing! He will bring so much life to your ceremony, honestly, no one will want it to end!

You can check out Monty and get in touch with him here.

That Altar Guy – Jeremy is a fucking legend. If you don’t want to be standing up there for an hour, waiting and begging for the ceremony to end so you can start drinking, Jeremy is your guy. He perfectly blends humour and seriousness (more on the humour side) in a way that will ensure your guests won’t want to ceremony to end. As an all round great human, he puts absolutely everything into your ceremony, so you can easily, without doubt believe in him to own your special day.

You can check out Jeremy and get in touch with him here.

Hungry Hearts Co – Lauren is yet another one of a kind human. If weird, quirky and all round fucking hilarious is your thing, hit her up. It really is hard to explain her personality in writing, so you kind of just have to get in touch with her and figure it out for yourself, but rest assured, if modern, young and extremely eccentric is your vibe, she is well and truly worth getting in touch with. She is also engaged (currently) to another legendary Newcastle Photographer Rhys!

You can check Lauren out and get in touch with her here.

beautiful floral arrangement for bride in New Zealand elopement


Holly Howe – Friends and family, meet probably the sweetest and quirkiest florist you will ever meet, Holly. Holly is an absolutely amazing human, and even better she has a creative eye that I honestly have no idea how she does what she does. If you are looking for floral arrangements that are incredibly modern and fresh, delivered by one of the cutest and funniest vendors in the area, make sure to get in touch with Holly.

Get in touch with Holly by clicking here.

Film & Foliage – Without a doubt, one of the most talented florists not only in our local area, but in the country! Ash has a tenancy to be a little bit more adventurous with her florals, so if you are after something that is going to be a bit more unique to you and your personality, she is definitely someone you want to get in touch with. Another absolutely amazing human (are you getting the pattern here) with a gorgeous personality, it’s happy days from me!

Get in touch with Ash by clicking here.

Wow Flowers – This mother daughter team are amazing! Honestly, not only do they have the experience in the industry, but they are so much fun to work with. With absolutely amazing arrangements (between the 3 of them they can create some massive, gorgeous stuff) and attitudes you just honestly want around, they are favourites in the area for a very good reason. They do run a shop and a cafe, so you can even pop in, meet them and grab a coffee!

Get in touch with Lou by clicking here.

As Sweet As Jasmine – Ahhhh Jaz, if you know her, you know. She is such a cool person, so much fun to hang around, and just for good measure she also happens to be an absolute machine when it comes to creating gorgeous, unique floral arrangements that tell your story. On so many occasions I have witnessed her create something on less than 24 hours notice, which I would have assumed would take months and months to organise, so trust me, she’s got you!

Get in touch with Jaz by clicking here.

hair and makeup artist work on bride in gorgeous wedding gown before ceremony.

Hair & Makeup

Loren Murnane Makeup – Honestly, I recommend Loren as a really good friend of mine. In fact, I met her when she did my wife’s makeup for our wedding! Ever since then, we’ve been tight, and for good reason. Not only is she the best makeup artist I know (yep, I’m not fucking around here), she is a gorgeous, hilarious, quirky and downright legendary person. You’re going to spend a good few hours with this person in or on your face, so you want to like them, and with Loren, you kind of can’t not like her.

To get in touch with Loren, contact by clicking here.

Makeup by Bonnie Lee – Another bigger than life personality here! Bonnie is fucking hilarious, and so full of energy you will surely be wondering what substance you need to feel that good. But if you want someone who will have you enjoying every second of your makeup (it goes for a while, so you kind of want to have fun and not be bored), and who will absolutely make you look like a million and one dollars, Bonnie is absolutely someone you need to chat to.

To get in touch with Bonnie, contact by clicking here.

Lisa Fowler Hair & Makeup – Lisa does both, but don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s better at one or the other. She absolutely slays at both. An absolutely lovely character who will surely leave you feeling like a God (honestly, every time I see Lisa I walk away feeling like Superman), and looking like a professional model, Lisa is certainly someone I would be contacting for my big day!

To get in touch with Lisa, click here.

Hair by Chlo – Chloe is another one of those people you just want to be around. She is young, fun, and someone who is so on top of what is in trend it’s almost subhuman. I could tell you all about how amazing she is when it comes to hair styling, but honestly, just check out her page. Instead let me tell you, there is a reason I call this girl a friend, she is the kind of person who makes you feel good, and trust me, when you are getting hair and makeup done in the final moments before the big ceremony, you need all the positivity and calming influence you can get!

To get in touch with Chloe, click here.


Silent Shout Entertainment – Honestly, let me keep this one hella simple. This is my only suggestion. Am I being lazy? No, I just know that you won’t get better than Sam. I know there are plenty of other amazing DJ’s/bands out there, but I am yet to meet any like this guy. He is not only one of the most genuine, loveable, funny, caring and down to earth people, but he also happens to be a fucking amazing DJ too! Crazy right? Sam will curate the playlist to end all playlists, specific to your wedding and your personality, everything ranging from Rave, to Hardcore rock, to classic oldies. He also offers acoustic musicians and MC services, so just do yourself a favour, contact him will ya?

To contact Sam, click here.

bride and groom sit on vintage couch for portraits at central coast wedding venu the savoy long jetty


More Life Films – Again, I am going to keep this one simple. John is your man, he is super experienced and so much more talented than you could ever imagine. Even as a photographer myself, he sees things in a way I simply never could. Your end product will come out a million bucks, and be something you will cherish for the rest of your lives. On top of all that, John is a super laid back, really calm and easy going dude who I personally love being around. If you’re after someone like this for your video, hit him up!

To get in touch with John, click here.

Wedding Cakes

Bec’s Cake Creations – Bec is soooo amazing! Not only are her cakes to die for, she is a really genuine, cool person too! I met Bec when she did my wedding cake. After doing a tasting session to pick our cake (we ate sooo much cake that day), Bec has worked really closely with myself. With something that will please absolutely anybody, and prices that match, Bec is for me, probably the best cake maker in the entire area.

To get in touch with Bec, click here.

Hello Naomi Cakes – To be fair, you’ve probably seen a Hello Naomi cake in your Instagram feed at one point or another. There is a good reason for that too, she is amazing. Super quirky and low key, her cakes take creation and imagination to the next level. She will absolutely create an epic wedding cake that will blow you away. Honestly, you will be praying your guests don’t eat it, because you are going to want to eat this cake the next day!

To get in touch with Naomi, click here.

bride and gro walk down country road outside estate tuscany as sun sets over the fields captured by james white hunter valley wedding photographer

Wedding Dresses

Atelier Rose – Kelly is a machine. Every dress she makes, custom boutique. The dress is tailored to fit every inch of your body so you know you are going to look your absolute best. Kelly is friendly (to say the least) and always happy to work with you and your vision. To this date, I have yet to shoot an Atelier Rose dress that I didn’t fall in love with. Remember, you’re going to be in this for 12 or more hours, so don’t skimp out, buy something online, make sure you get in store and meet your designer and get properly fitted by a professional.

To get in touch with Kelly, click here.

Photographers (yes, I am going to recommend some to you)

James White Photography – James is an absolute machine…Nah just joking, I am not that lame.

Barefoot & Bearded – What can I say about the man, the myth, the legend? Joel is something special. An absolutely amazing human, probably one of the most passionate people I have ever met (not just in the industry), Joel has never given less than 110% in any job he has ever had the privilege of photographing. Specialising in more adventurous weddings and elopements (he does do local ones too), Joel can often be found hiking across a mountain with some super cool people to a top secret location. An unbelievably talented photographer (has taught me a lot of things), and one of the nicest people I know, Joel is someone you should be considering.

To get in touch with Joel, click here.

Little Black Bow Photography – Honestly, I am not sure how to sum up Dea? She’s probably one of the cutest, funniest, coolest people I have ever met. She’s also probably one of the most passionate and talented photographers I have ever met. If you are after someone who is quirky, experienced, loveable and at times, a bit clumsy (so you will laugh a lot, usually at her), then Dea is one to watch.

To get in touch with Dea, click here.

That should get you started…

So there you have it. Is that a conclusive list of vendors you will need? No, absolutely not. There are plenty more things to consider, but I just wanted to get you started. I know if you contact these people, you’ll be on fire. I am sure you probably found the ending weird too, a photographer, recommending the competition. Well, to be completely honest, these are my friends. We are not competitiors, we are collaborators. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. So as much as we want to be paid, we want even more so for you to be working with the absolute best vendors for you. And if that means recommending you to a ‘competitor’, then so be it. Everyone on this list would do likewise within their niche if they thought they knew someone who was an even better fit for you than they were, so rest assured, you are in good hands with anyone on this list. If you want a list of my favourite venues in Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast, click here.


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