Louisa & Travis Criffel Woolshed Wedding – Wanaka New Zealand

Louisa & Travis Criffel Woolshed Wedding – Wanaka New Zealand

Strap yourself in, because this one is going to be a fucking banger! I had been waiting for this wedding for over a year, and the day had finally arrived. As we boarded the plan to head to New Zealand (my wife and I had never even been), we were filled with a sense of utter excitement (and fear, we hate flying). As we flew into Queenstown, through the mountains, we were pumped.

In a cool act of fate, we actually were on the same flight as our bride and groom, so that was pretty epic to get to hang out before the wedding.

When the day finally came for the big wedding (we were looking at forecasts of either storming and cold, or blaring sunlight and boiling hot), everything, and I mean everything, panned out perfectly. Lou and Trav had rented a mansion of an Airbnb up on top of a nearby mountain overlooking Wanaka, meaning we got all the prep shots in the same house. They were so cool and calm, despite the groomsmen spending 45 minutes youtubing how to do a windsor tie knot haha!

The girls on the other hand, well…well they were a bit more together than the boys. Drinks flowing, hair and makeup happening, all systems were go.

I won’t go through the day in a play by play, because I could be here for hours typing and you would never get to what you want…the photos. So let me not rant on any further. Below is a selection of my favourite shots from the entire day. If you are planning a wedding in NZ, or are thinking about it as an option (I like your thinking), get in touch. I would absolutely love to chat with you about your plans, so lets make it happen.

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