Your Epic Couples Adventure Photoshoot

    How exciting! You’re about to book in for an epic adventure, an experience you will not forget, and and while we’re at it, capture some of the most amazing memories of your love. Before we go on to schedule a call to book you in, I just wanted to share with you a little bit more information about these sessions.

    What to expect at your shoot

    Your session will be loads of fun, and super casual. Imagine going on a hike, out in the mountains, in a Pine Forest or up on the Sand Dunes. Absolutely no one around, just the two of you, adventuring, experiencing life. In todays world, having that kind of alone time, screen free time seems surreal, but that’s your session. Lots of posing? Absolutely not. You and your partner will be too busy laughing at each others silly jokes, too busy whispering dirty little secrets too one another, and too busy jumping around like big kids too even notice the slight posing prompts I give you. You won’t have any concept of time, you’re actually just having a genuinely amazing time, sharing a fun, intimate experience with your partner. So what separates this from any other day adventure? Well, at the end of it you will have some amazing lifelong memories to pass down to future generations. You will have an amazing memory as a couple. Bring on the future!

    Products & Prices

    At James White Photography, I specialise in providing you with premium products you can enjoy for decades to come. You can choose from a range of single canvases, frames, albums, digital files and boxed prints, as well as collections to suit all needs. I have single prints starting from $95, and collections starting from $378, ranging up to $1778.

    A session fee of $200 applies, and is deducted from any voucher you apply. Session fee includes pre-consultation, photography session as well as purchasing/design appointment.

    Schedule a phone call to book in your photoshoot at the bottom of the page.

    So Let’s Book Your Photoshoot Already

    So you know about everything you need to know to get the most out of this session. The rest of it I will sort out on the day of our shoot. Select a date and time below. I cannot wait to speak with you, and get this happening!