Hunter Valley Wedding Videography

    If you are looking for a stunning and highly emotional video to capture the memories of your big day, then this is for you! No cinematics, no re-do's until it looks perfect, just raw, unfiltered footage of how your amazing day actually happened.

    Hunter Valley Wedding Videography NSW

    Welcome! How exciting, you’re planning a wedding! I’ll stop using exclamation marks in a second, you have to forgive me, I get pretty excited hearing about peoples weddings too! My name is Daniela, and I am the wife component of this husband and wife team. Located on the picturesque East Coast of Australia, nestled just south of the Hunter Valley, I handle the Wedding Videography side of the business.

    Now that all the excitement has peaked, it’s time to start planning the wedding, and looking to book in vendors. As a Hunter Valley Wedding Videographer, it is my absolute pleasure to capture the rolling moments of your big day. But this isn’t why you might want to book me, it’s how and why I do it that sets me apart.

    So Why do I focus so much of my time and energy on creating gorgeous wedding videos for my Hunter Valley clients? To be blunt, I absolutely love capturing love. But not in a cheesy way. You know, where it looks like you did 15 first kiss takes in order to get the perfect video. No, more like the actual raw moments, the moments that genuinely happened and have real emotions connected to them. Yep, those ones! I never miss them!

    How do I get these shots to create videos that will make you all tingly? Easy! I put myself in your shoes. What would I want to see captured on my day? From what angle? And then ,without interrupting your day, I ensure I  get these shots. I then ad in some absolutely lush B-Roll, think rolling waves, trees blowing in the wind, or the sun setting over the mountains. Trust me when I say, being a wedding videographer in the Hunter Valley makes getting these perfect moments a walk in the park.

    What’s so special about Hunter Valley brides and grooms? They are so laid back. Nothing screams chilled like a stunning Hunter Valley Wedding. Beautiful vineyards and barrel rooms. Stars in the skies and so much room to enjoy. Just imagine watching the wedding video time and time again, reliving those beautiful moments as you poured out your heart to your partner.

    My ideal client knows how to have fun and not take themselves too seriously. There is something about the Hunter Valley, but it breeds some pretty amazing people, and I couldn’t be more stoked to be the person charged with capturing it for you.

    When I first started capturing wedding videos in the Hunter Valley, I genuinely had no idea how amazing a journey it would take me on. How many beautiful people I would meet, and still, to this day remain friends with. Sometimes I wake up and have to check that I’m not still dreaming.

    It probably comes as no surprise, given my passion for creating the perfect, raw and real wedding video that I pride myself on being amongst the best wedding videographers in the Hunter Valley. Your time spent with me will be easy, there won’t be any awkward re-do’s of a kiss. I won’t make you walk towards me holding hands 10 times, and I certainly won’t ask you to re-do your first look because your tears kind of got in the way of the perfect shot. No! I’ll capture all that first time, which means you can stay in the moment and enjoy your day.

    That’s enough from me for now, so while you take that all in, why not have a quick peak at my latest video below. Do you love it? Do you see what I mean by raw and real? Let’s chat! Let’s start planning the perfect Hunter Valley Wedding Video.