Sharlisa + Rachel | Olney Forest Sunset Photoshoot |Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer

    Olney Forest Sunset Photoshoot | Piece Of Paradise!

    Tucked in among the giant Pine trees in the Olney State Forest, Rachel and Sharlisa celebrated their love for one another. This was an engagement Photoshoot like no other. With beautiful, golden rays of sunlight spilling through the trees, across the forest floor, this sunset session was on another planet. I started walking through the forest with the two brides to be. There was no one, absolutely no one else in the forest. Complete privacy.

    We spent over an hour just chatting, getting to know their story. Absolutely lovely people, with an unbelievable future ahead of them. Bring on 2020 and bring on the wedding!

    If you are wondering about doing an engagement shoot before your wedding, check out my top reasons why you should here! When you’re ready, lets get to know one another better, so get in touch!