Katie & Stu | Ironbark Hunter Valley Wedding

    “The only important thing, is that you’re here with me”

    That’s what Stu wrote to Katie in a beautiful letter, which she read just before the ceremony. You better believe it brought a tear to her eye (and maybe mine too). And to be fair, this was the theme they carried throughout their day. It wasn’t important who couldn’t be there, or who didn’t make it. What was important, was that they had each other, and they were going to be getting married.

    Sure, things weren’t ideal, but let’s face it, even outside a pandemic, when are things ideal? Katie and Stu knew that if they waited for the world to be perfect, they would be waiting forever.

    So as they said their ‘I do’s’ in front of their nearest and dearest, these two wild hearts became one, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.