Gabby & Ben | Redhead Beach Elopement

    “Fuck it we thought, let’s do whatever we want”

    A common theme amongst those who elope is a desire not to do what is expected of them, or not to have to follow the norm society sets before them. Now I want to outline, there is nothing wrong with weddings, I had a fairly normal wedding, and it was amazing, but that’s because that is what my wife and I wanted.

    For those who don’t want to do the traditional wedding thing, it’s a punish if you try to do it. So Gabby and Ben decided not to bother. They eloped the morning of in their home, went down to the cafe and beach to chill out for the day, and met up with us in the afternoon for a cheeky little elopement shoot.

    The cool thing? They decided to say their vows at a ceremony on the clifftop, despite having already technically signed the paperwork. Lots of people opt for this and it is such a cool thing. The moment you promise yourself to the other person often has more gravity behind it than the moment your pen touches the contract and you become legally married!