Alissa & Nick | Snappers Rock Engagement Session

    “Our relationship is so unique, so our photographer needed to understand us”

    Alissa & Nick are a bit weird. Actually, fucking crazy (but don’t worry, I like my clients on the weird side).

    So when they hit me up for their wedding, I was all in. I actually used to live in the same apartment building as these two in Cronulla with my wife, so we already knew them.

    Alissa told me, that she had seen other photographers work before, who just kind of come and shoot, and that’s all, no real understanding, and she knew she needed someone who would take the time to get to know them.

    Yes, a lot of the directions on the day look similar in photos, but the way in which we get there is so very different for every couple. I can’t give you the same directions as I gave Alissa & Nick. I can’t ask you the same questions as I asked them, because you aren’t them. You are you, and that’s what I focus on!