Cindy & Doni Wedding | Kittyhawk Sydney

    Cindy + Doni | Kittyhawk Rainy Wedding | James White Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer

    What a perfect rainy wedding! I bet you never thought you would hear someone, let alone a photographer say a rainy wedding was perfect, right? Well, the good news is it didn’t rain during the ceremony or portraits, but my gosh did it come down afterwards. For the weeks leading up, we were promised over 100mm of rain. Did that stop the bride and groom from enjoying unparalleled levels of excitement? Absolutely not!

    They were never going to let the weather forecast ruin their day. For some tips on how to have the best day possible, regardless of the weather (trust me, brides and grooms number one concern is the weather), check out this article. Check out some of the absolute most stunning images from this wonderful Kittyhawk Wedding below.