WIN a FREE Engagement Photoshoot + Enlarged Framed Print Valued at $2,095!

    Yo, congrats on the engagement! What an exciting time in both of your lives. If I recall correctly it is a super stressful time as well. There are so many things to organise, things you've never thought about before. So how do you ensure you get it all right? How do you ensure you aren't a ball of stress on the day?

    There is no easy answer unfortunately. One of the things that most brides and grooms worry about is the photography and feeling anxious on the day. Engagement shoots are the way around this, and the way to know you selected the right photographer! So make sure to submit your details below and best of luck!!!


    Are you getting married in 2020/2021? Have you booked your venue? If so, you are eligible to enter this contest! GOOD LUCK!!

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