More than just photos

    You may think that you’re doing an engagement session (adventure or engagement) in order to get some nice photos. You’re not wrong, you will get this, but so much more. Unless you’ve done a lot of photoshoots before as a couple, you have no idea how you will react in front of the camera, vulnerable and intimate…and neither do I. This will give us the opportunity to work out how to get the absolute best out of you, in the most comfortable and fun way, prior to the actual wedding.

    Getting to know each other

    This goes without saying! Nearly all vendors on your day will be with you for only an hour, or not at all. But not us, we are there all day long. In your space. So trust me when I say this, you want to feel like you know us. You want to feel like you’re hanging out with a friend. It’s going to make the day so much more fun and make the photos so much more authentic and less awkward.

    It's a chapter

    People get so focused on the wedding, and the wedding photos. But what people fail to realise is that the wedding is 1 day, the engagement is a significantly longer period of time…often 12-18 months. Just like cooking a meal, yes, look forward to the end product, but the process and journey to get to it is every bit as important. Just like you would capture maternity photos, newborn photos, and family photos as your family grows, the engagement chapter in my opinion should be documented as well!