Top 24 Engagement Photoshoot Locations in The Hunter Valley, Central Coast & Newcastle

Top 24 Engagement Photoshoot Locations in The Hunter Valley, Central Coast & Newcastle

So you’ve started down the road to planning a wedding? Congratulations! I’m so excited for you (I love weddings, big surprise). I am sure by now you’ve realised, it isn’t as easy as you thought? Of course it isn’t! This is the biggest day of your life! You don’t want to make any mistakes (don’t stress, you will make some, we all do). Forget what Susan from accounting told you about weddings, she is outdated and you can’t stand her anyway! If you’re here, you probably want to know more about engagement sessions. We are going to cover some epic Newcastle photography locations, Port Stephens, some chill AF Hunter Valley photography spots as well as gorgeous engagement photoshoot locations on the Central Coast. 

But how can you make wedding planning easier Jimmy? Less stressful you say? One of the biggest and baddest ways would be to do an engagement photoshoot with someone you would consider as your wedding photographer. There are numerous reasons for this. For more information on how an engagement photoshoot could be the best thing you do for your wedding, read here. This post is purely about the best engagement photoshoot locations though! Photo Porn (not real porn you pervert)! So get ready, these places are going to get pretty!

These are my Top engagement photoshoot locations in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Central Coast (as well as a few for you Sydney folk).

Hunter Valley Photography Spots

1. Estate Tuscany Vineyards

This is actually where I got married, so I love this spot. Long roads, mountains in the background where the sun sets over, and vineyards as far as the eye can see…yes please. This spot is so simple you literally just pull the car over on the road side and start shooting. Loads of little spots to explore in this little stretch of road, offering such dynamic variety to your engagement photoshoot.

2. Adams Peak Fields

Let me preface this by saying this is a wedding venue, and you will need to speak to the owner to use it (or ask your photographer, they should have a relationship with Karyn and be able to get the all clear). Once you get on here, wow, you have so many options.

Head up the hill to a higher vantage point and get a beautiful view across the Hunter Valley to the mountain ranges. Walk back down the hill and float on the pond in their canoe to get some sick aerial shots. When you’re done there, head into the long grass fields and get some stunning golden hour photos with the sun spilling across the field.

3. Lake St Clair

This is up North of the Hunter Valley in Singleton. It will take a bit of finding, but if you have enough time, there are some really epic spots up on top of the mountains that overlook the lake, and give it that almost Tasmanian or New Zealand vibe (almost…lol).

4. Hunter Valley Best Wedding Venues

I should mention, unlike Newcastle and the Central Coast, the Hunter Valley is more about it’s wineries and as such it’s wedding venues. There are loads of cool spots to have engagement photos in the Hunter Valley, but this really is more of a wedding region, so let me rattle through a few wedding venues you need to know about.

1. Stonehurst

Located in a truly spectacular spot of the Hunter Valley. Dense forest and bushland surrounds, with a gorgeous little mountain behind the venue where you can take some stunning wedding photos on later. The Barn is where you want your reception, unless you prefer outdoors in which case amongst the trees, and under the stars is the go.

2. Wallalong House

An absolute fan favourite amongst wedding couples and wedding vendors alike. With a bit of an oldschool vibe about the property, you get the best of that feeling, crossed with the absolute beauty of the surrounding fields.

3. Tocal Homestead

Rustic barns, old 19th century homesteads, farm animals and gigantic fig trees. If this sounds like your kind of vibe, these guys should be on your list. They are a favourite for a reason.

4. Mindaribba House

If you are after something special, not just a day, but rather an entire weekend, check them out. You can hire the place for the entire weekend. The 19th century homestead is simply amazing and makes for stunning images. Your guests will love this spot. So secluded and peaceful.

6. Peppers Creek Barrel Room

If you are into sandstone chapels (super cute by the way) and amazing vineyards perched on top a hill overlooking the rest of the Hunter, then Peppers needs to be on your list.

7. Redleaf Wollombi

Seriously, take my money! Going back in time, if my wedding venue was not available, this would be where I choose to get married. Combining stunning European vibes with their property, and the amazing, lush bushland and forest surrounding, you can;t go wrong.

8. Circa 1876

Do you like good food? If you answered yes, just stop right now and write down this name. To die for, honestly. And with some really cool fields around, there are so many spots for a gorgeous photoshoot.

Newcastle Photography Locations

1. Newcastle Baths

An absolutely iconic spot in newcastle. Located just on the beach around Merewether/Bar Beach, this absolute banger of a spot is so very popular for engagement photoshoots in Newcastle, as well as wedding photography.

Only one issue here, it does get busy. If you want to do photos there on a Saturday afternoon in Summer, be prepared for a crowd. However, midweek, sunrise, or off season you can get sections of Newcastle Baths all to yourself.

With the iconic blue steps at your disposal, you can create some amazingly cool photos here. Get a reflection off the pool as you and your partner sit on the steps and wrestle, or hell, even get on the starting blocks and get a sick shot of the two of you sitting on the blocks, from the other end of the pool. Honestly, there are so many amazing places and angles to shoot here, plus, it backs up onto an epic rockpool and sandy beach, so take your pick!

2. Stockton Sand Dunes

My absolute favourite spot to shoot, probably in the entire country! It’s like stepping into a dream. The landscape is just so simple, and so soft. There is nothing but rolling dunes for as far as the eye can see (honestly, I think they go for like 20km). It’s a little steep getting up the dunes, but hey, that’s part of the fun. Once up there, I have only ever run into someone once, every other time we have had the entire sand dunes to ourselves.

Running and jumping down dunes, wrestling, piggyback racing across the dunes…this place is the definition of fun. With the gorgeous Port Stephens water behind you in the distance, this place is just stunning. Just have a look below and tell me I’m not right. I dare you…

3. Carrington Factories

Maybe you’ve been going through this list and thinking, “hmmm, loads of really nice natural locations, but that’s not really me”. Maybe you’re a bit more grungy, a bit more industrial a bit moodier. Well, I know it sounds weird, but Carrington Industrial area might be the spot for you. As far as engagement photoshoot locations in Newcastle go, this one might not be super popular, but it is super cool. Huge open roads with no cars on them to play on, really epic factories in the background, chain link metal fences, this might just have your name written all over it.

4. Redhead Beach & Cliffs

Clifftops, grassy areas, sandy beaches, caves, rockpools…honestly what more could you want? This place is another one of those, all in one places. If you love a good sunset, this is probably a serious contender for best sunset due to the height you get up on the clifftops. And once that drops, you simply head down to the sand, and use that gorgeous soft light to shoot in the water (yes you will get wet).

5. Birubi Point

Birubi Point is a super cool little beach up in Port Stephens, Anna Bay. Now, it is just a beach, but it does have a few little extras included. A cactus covered section of the dunes, which is super fun to shoot in. It also has heaps of rocks jutting out of the water, which make for some really cool backdrops to shoot against.

Loads of people who want to shoot in this area go straight for the dunes, but if you want something with a bit more contrast and water, this is probably your bet. Hell, you can always go up to the sand dunes afterwards!

Central Coast Photography Locations

1. Watagans State Pine Forest

Nothing quite as beautiful as the sunset, peaking through the trees of a Pine Forest, spilling rays of light across the forest floor is there? Of course not, Duh! Well, there is pizza and beer, but let’s focus here! Located up in Olney State Forest, this beautiful Pine Forest provides the perfect backdrop for a more moody engagement photoshoot location. With it’s tall trees, denser canopy of leaves and dark oranges tones throughout, it really does provide some amazing contrast in your images.

Let me start this by saying that you should enter from the Martinsville Road side. If you enter from the other side, make sure your car is well suited to off road. Once you get in here, there is a little carpark and you can simply walk into the middle of the forest. This is one of those locations that really is better suited to wide open, expansive, panoramic shots. Don’t get me wrong, the close ups are soft, moody, and really bring on the feels (I always cry, I am such a bitch lol), but with the sun billowing through the tall pines like that, how could you not want to capture it all?

Once the sun goes down though, the trees will start to become really dark, retaining a lot of shadow and not a lot of highlights. This is the perfect time for that close up photo. Get in really intimate (if you are still embarrassed then your photographer is not doing their job right).

Before you leave, take a minute and just stare at your surroundings. Embrace nature. The forest is dead silent. It won’t be long before you are back in the Urban jungle, so enjoy this while you can! For obvious reasons, this is one of my absolute, all time favourite engagement photoshoot locations around the Hunter Valley & Central Coast.

2. Snapper Point, Munmorah

This place quickly became one of my absolute favourites since moving up here. There is something about it, the way the point wraps around and you can always be shaded or in the direct sun, waves crashing below you that is simply peaceful and relaxing. Frasers Beach sits just off your shoulder, and you can watch the surfers rolling in through the waves, yet they can’t see you. It is complete peace and quiet. What better place to do a photoshoot with your fiance, right?

This place has a plethora (it’s a real word, I can be smart too you know?) of amazing shots, in every direction, at every time of day! In fact, it is my most photographed location, as chosen by my couples. Many of whom actually have enquired about hosting their ceremony on the cliffs edge. If you love the water, and you love the Australian landscape, this is the place for you.

How to get here? Enter the Munmorah State Park from any of the 2 entrances, and head towards Frasers Beach. when you hit that turn off, go straight and follow that road all the way to the very end, down the bumpy dirt track. You will hit a little carpark, sitting on top of some hollowed out caves…welcome to paradise. You don’t need a 4wd, but I usually would recommend my clients without a 4wd come with me, as I have seen people get in trouble, particularly when it is or has been raining.

Best time of day to shoot here? Well that depends on what time of year, but ideally, being raised on a cliff, you will get about 15 additional minutes of sun. So in Winter, I would start shooting here at 3.30pm, and in Summer, probably around 7pm. Regardless, stay a bit longer, have a drink and maybe a bit of a picnic, because you won’t be in any hurry to leave this slice of heaven. No points for guessing then, why this is one of my prime choices as an engagement photoshoot location in the Central Coast. Check out Brooke & Alina if you need more convincing on this amazing location!

3. Wybung Head

Very similar actually to Snapper Point…since it is actually just down the road! But it offers something completely different…strange that! With a large point that juts out into the ocean, this place is even more remote (and slightly more difficult to reach). Having climbed down a steep rocky track, you will come to the pass which takes you out onto the point. It is like being on the edge of the world. On either side of you, pristine ocean and cliffs. Waves crashing into the rocks below you and birds flying overhead. If you are looking for privacy, well you found it!

In order to get here, same directions as Snapper Point, but half way you will see a fork in the road, turn right towards Wybung and follow this dirt road until you get to the very end. Park up, get out and start walking towards the water, down the track. You will know you are in the right place if you se a sign stating the number of deaths at this location in the past 12 months. Don’t be put off…you are about to find the end of the rainbow. It is steep and rocky and can be very slippery, so be careful. Once you get to the bottom, you have the entire place to yourself (usually)!

Best time of day to shoot here? Well that depends on what time of year, but ideally, being raised on a cliff, you will get about 15 additional minutes of sun. So in Winter, I would start shooting here at 3.30pm, and in Summer, probably around 7pm. As the sun starts to set over the cliffs, you will get this amazing soft light hitting you, and it simply looks divine. It can look like you have done 2 totally different photoshoots if you shoot during the sunset and then into the dusk hour.

Providing the absolute best of both worlds, take a guess as to why this is one of the most idyllic engagement photoshoot locations around the Hunter Valley.

4. Caves Beach

Completely different from the last 2, this place is special very much so in it’s own right. I will caveat this by saying, I think this is a sunrise place, so if you find it difficult to get up early, and are unwilling to try, maybe skip this one (also, don’t be lazy get your ass out of bed and make it happen!). But if you are willing to get up early (c’mon don’t be lazy, I already told you), this can easily be one of the best locations for an engagement photoshoot, anywhere on the East Coast.

With stunning beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, and a plethora (calendar of the day..I won’t use it again I promise) of cool little caves scattered along the beach to explore and shoot in, this place has it all. Turn around and it looks like a cool rocky Cliff shoot. Spin the other way and nothing but ocean and the sun peaking up over the horizon. You are going to wanna get to this one early. I recommend at least 30 minutes before the sun rises, so that you have a chance to wake up, get into it, and be ready for those stunning shots. Word of warning, in winter, it is going to be cold down here, and to get to the caves you will need to get into the water up to probably your knees. Thankfully getting wet and dirty is half the fun…so enjoy it!

This one is easy to reach though. Just drive to the Caves Beach SLSC and walk down onto the beach and go right towards the cliffs. You have arrived. Just take a look at the shots below, and tell me you don’t believe this is easily one of the top engagement photoshoot locations around the Hunter Valley & Central Coast.

5. Gap Creek Falls

Let me say, right off the bat, that if you aren’t fit, and don’t want to get dirty and sweaty, this one might not be for you. The hike (and in parts climb) down is epic. It literally takes about 30 minutes and is steep. The payoff though, well, that in itself makes it worthwhile for me! This spot is great during the middle of the day, it gets complete shade from the huge amount of forest canopy above, so the lighting is always gorgeous.

My recommendation here is, wear active wear to get down, and then once down there (it is usually completely empty of all human life), you can get changed into your actual clothes (this way they aren’t dirty) behind a rock or tree (unless you’re into full frontal nudity, in which case, I won’t judge I’ve seen it all before).

This is truly one of the Central Coasts greatest forest photoshoot locations, and is super popular with elopements as well, for good reason. If you’re feeling up to it, give it a crack, I love a challenge!

6. Box Head

Box Head is located down the Southern end of the Central Coast in Bouddi National Park, and is everything you could ever want if epic, wide open landscapes are your thing. A short hike through the bush up the the point is well worth the effort. You will be blessed with 180 degree views of the ocean, as well as a stunning grassy backdrop (but that lush grassy, not that ‘my dad just mowed the lawn’ grassy).

With a heap of little cute secluded beaches along the way, you can easily take this clifftop session, down onto the sand and actually get in the water (I’m a big fan of getting dirty and wet) for some extra fun.

7. Long Jetty

Quickly turning into the hipster central of the Central Coast, Long Jetty is well worth checking out. Not only will you get an epic feed and coffee before (or after is you’re a sunrise chaser) your engagement photoshoot, but you have so many cool spots. Urban engagement shoots take centre show here, with a plethora of awesome professional graffiti walls.

Not your cup of tea? Take a 100m walk down the street and you find the lake, with so many long jetty’s (see what they did there?) to utilise. There is even a bunch of old, abandoned boathouses which will give you that really grungy kind of look if that’s more your flavour. With the best of both worlds in that it has still water, as well as rolling waves around the corner, there is an endless number of photo opportunities here.

Blue Mountains Engagement Locations

1. Mount Box Lookout – Leura

Whoops, I lied! I know I said my favourite 5, but let’s face it, ‘My top 6 engagement photoshoot locations’ doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? Thats right! Now, do you want to hear about probably the coolest of all these locations or not? Let’s do it!

This one is by far the most difficult to reach, but remember rule number 1, it is going to be worth it! This is a perfect sunset location, so meet in Leura 90 minutes before sunset. I highly, highly recommend a 4WD for this one, even my Forester was a bit worrying. You will not make it in a Sedan so do not try it. It is about a 30-40 minutes drive from Leura out to Mount Box. There are a few iffy narrow bends that have no rail so take it very cautiously. You will eventually come to a 3-4 car carpark right on the top of a cliff. Park here and start your walk (it is signposted) towards the mountain. Be very careful as it is very rocky and uneven for the first few hundred metres.

Once you get out into the open fields which run alongside the mountain top, you will truly be able to appreciate how breathtaking it is. Believe me when I say, you will probably be the only people out there for at least a 10km radius in any direction, so you have the entire mountain to yourself.

This is another location with a variety of shots. Are you sensing a trend here? I always shoot in places where there are a variety of backdrops. This keeps it interesting for you, and gives your images the variety you want. As you walk around the mountain (again the path is pretty clear) you will come to a clifftop which is the perfect spot to get a photo as you and your partner stare out into the vast canyon, completely alone, just the two of you (and your photographer, probably 100m away).

As far as scenic locations go, this one takes the cake. It has everything! If you are feeling up for it, bring a picnic and meet there early, you won’t regret it. On your way back (it will be pitch black by now, so take it easy on the trail) I highly suggest heading in to Katoomba and grabbing a well earned dinner with your partner. You absolutely cannot go wrong with an old fashioned, family owned pizza at Papadinos Pizza. My wife and I end every engagement photoshoot with a pizza here, so you know it must be good.

2. Kings Tableland

Another absolutely gorgeous lookout. I mean, honestly, the Blue Mountains brings it every single time. Sunset, overcast, windy and rainy? This spot is going to give you what you want.

Probably a great spot to fly a drone and get some cool aerial footage or shots showing off the extremely vast landscape. Very similar to Flat Rock which I will go into below.

3. Flat Rock

The name tells you exactly what to expect here…a giant flat rock! But it is way more than that. With possibly one of the most insane lookouts in the entire Blue Mountains, and without having to actually hike anywhere to find it, this spot is a favourite.

With sunset views to die for, this is a spot that you might want to go to during the off season, simply because of how popular it is. In the on season many people use this as a place for elopement ceremonies, or even wedding ceremonies (you can book it from the council). But if you get it all on your own, it is amazing. With some cool little paths to climb further down the cliff and find different vantage points, you can explore for hours.

4. Blackheath Mountains

Are you noticing a trend here? All these spots in the Blue Mountains have stunning outlooks, amazing natural backdrops, and are just generally amazing. I won’t go into this one much more, because again, you get similar stunning outlooks to the above locations, expect here, you will get some really cool bushland kind of shots on your trek in/up to the lookout.

Sydney Engagement Photoshoot Locations

1. Cape Solander Clifftops – Kurnell

An absolute stunner if you are looking for a sunrise engagement photoshoot location. Upon arrival you will wind through the National Park for 5 minutes along the beautiful coast line. Out of nowhere, it will completely open up and you will be staring along the cliff lines. You’ve arrived. The beauty of this spot is, it goes against the rule discussed in location number one; this one is so easy to get to, and still, the shots are spectacular! To be honest, you can’t go wrong.

There are a few spots that provide the best angle, but it is hard to explain in writing. If you go there a bit early you can take 5-10 minutes to scope the area out and find them yourself (or just hire a photographer who knows the location). I need to say a word of warning here though – this location is a bit risky. At times the swell and the winds can really pick up, and people standing too close to the edge have fallen over the cliffs. As a result, knowing the best spots means being able to create angles that look like you are standing right on the edge, when in fact, you are 5 metres from the edge (safety is cool kids).

The same applies at Kurnell as does at Bombo Quarry about the lighting. In the 20 minutes before the sun comes up, you will get stunningly soft light. This kind of light is really emotive, and can create a very moody effect. And as it tends to do, when the sun comes up you will get this beautiful golden light spill over you. This contrasts so beautifully with the blue of the water below you. It will allow you to have so many contrasting, varied images it will look like you did 2 photoshoots!

Photographer jargon aside, it is a stunning engagement photoshoot location. Clients often stop and stare, in awe of how amazing mother nature really is. If you want a beautiful sunrise, but don’t want to leave Sydney, what have you got to lose?

After your shoot is over, head down Prince Charles Drive to Cook at Kurnell for a nice hot coffee and a beautiful view of the water. What more could you ask for?

2. Garie Beach – Royal National Park

Talk about a trek! Make sure to plan out your shoot with your photographer as you get no reception down here. From Sutherland, turn off towards the National Park. Make sure you either have an Annual Pass, or a day pass ($12 I believe) before you continue on to avoid a fine. Continue driving down through the National Parks winding roads, past Audley, up past Wattamolla, until you get to the Garie Beach turn off. Another 10 minutes down this winding road to the bottom of the valley where the beach is. Enjoy the drive and the view (unless you are the drive, in which case enjoy the view of the road only), it really is spectacular.

Once you get to the carpark you will be faced with a beautiful, calm, quiet beach (even in Summer it is quiet) tucked in amongst large cliffs. This truly is one of my favourite engagement photoshoot locations for a summery sunset shoot. It almost takes you back to the olden days; no reception, no phones, just good company and a lot of laughs. On top of this, there are so many beautiful spots to shoot down here.

Firstly you have the beach. When the sun is yet to fall behind the mountains, this is perfect for that perfect backlit shot. From here, move along the cliffs, down to the rock platforms. Be careful here. The waves are nothing to worry about, but take a few minutes to watch them and ensure it is safe. If you do venture out, it does make for some really spectacular panoramic shots out to sea. Now walk to the right another couple of hundred metres and you will reach another small beach, which is shadowed by a grassy hill pointing out to sea. From here there are ample photo opportunities (see images below), but I usually aim to be up here after the sun has set behind the cliffs to give it that more moody emotive appearance.

Whatever you do with this location, remember, you will have to walk along a rock cliffside to get to these locations. It isn’t a requirement that you be peak physical fitness, but be prepared to get a light sweat on. Take a look at the photos below. Worth it? We think so!

3. North Sydney & Luna Park

So maybe you aren’t into the water, or into really cool vast landscapes. Maybe the city is a bit more your thing? Well, why not bring out your inner child on this one and head off to North Sydney? It is so much fun, you have the harbour to use, the city skyline, and of course…Luna Park!

And yes, we do head in, play games, go on rides, and just generally have an epic time. One downside here is, you will get a lot of onlookers, so if you are a really private person, or very self conscious of being centre of attention, this might be a rough spot for you. But if you don’t mind it or don’t care, this spot is so much fun, and always leads to such sick shots.

Southern Highlands Engagement Photoshoot Locations

1. Bombo Quarry

If you are looking for a sunrise engagement photoshoot location, this is where I would bank my money! It’s a little bit of a trek, but then again, nothing easy in life is worth doing (except ordering pizza online…right?). The same goes for photoshoots. The more difficult the location, generally speaking, the more spectacular the outcome. The trick with Bombo is to get there about 30 minutes before the sunrise, this way you allow yourself time to walk all the way down to the Quarry. Once you get down there, on your right you open up this unreal world of rock formations, with huge swells smashing into them. In stark contrast, on your left you have wispy long grass fields which make you feel like you are in Country America. This location gives you the best of both worlds.

By getting there a little early, you get to enjoy 2 different styles of lighting (I know, boring photographer stuff, but hear me out). Initially, it is very flat and quite dark as the sun hides behind the clouds and giant rock formations. This gives off a really stunning ‘softer’ finish to your images. It really can be great for creating some highly emotive close up shots that will blow your mind.

Once the sun peaks over the rocks however, you will be blasted by this golden orange hue that floods the area. Here is where you get to enjoy the more vast scenery by getting more wide open shots! As you can see from the images below, they can look quite different, and gives you a lot of variety. As an added bonus, this will give you a great opportunity to see how your photographer shoots in differing lighting conditions, which will be a very important thing on the wedding day (they will be shooting from broad daylight, all the way into complete darkness of night).

After the shoot is over, do yourself a favour and head down to the Hungry Monkey Cafe in Kiama for a Nutella Mocha (or Hot Chocolate) and some brekky. You’ve earned it!

2. Cathedral Rocks, Kiama

A bit further south of Bombo Quarry is Cathedral Rocks, in Kiama. This place is something else. The rock formations out in the water are incredible, and make for such an unbelievable backdrop to your photos. I would recommend sunrise here, as the sun would be coming up behind the rocks over the water, however at sunset it will also be amazing with the super soft lighting created by the cliffs.

This spot does require some climbing and trekking out over the rock platform, which at high tide do go under water. However, there are so many reasons to do this!

Engagement photoshoot locations – what do I do with all this information?

So now you know. You know where all the top spots are for your engagement photoshoot. So what do you need to do with all this information? Well first and foremost, choose a photographer. No good going to these locations if you plan on taking selfies is it? So pick your photographer carefully. There is a range of factors to consider when doing this. If you want to learn more about how to avoid picking the wrong wedding photographer, read more here.

Now you simply have to pick which location works best for you. Do you prefer sunrise or sunset? Beach, forest, or Urban? The choice is yours. However, if you have no idea, speak to your photographer. They are professionals and will easily be able to help you select the right location for you. If you have any questions, or would to like to talk about engagement shoots, always feel free to contact me. But most of all, be excited! This is a huge time in your life, and you will want to enjoy every second of it. I can’t wait to hear from you!

If you are planning a wedding, check out my top 5 mistakes couples make when planning a wedding. Avoid a lot of stress, and wasted money by following these simple guidelines! Make sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Where can I take engagement photos?

Literally anywhere. In my opinion I like to do these in locations that summarise my clients as a couple. So if you hate the water and the beach, don’t do an engagement shoot on the beach. Think about what you two love, and let’s discuss locations that could suit.

How do you do an engagement shoot?

It’s pretty straightforward. I personally meet my couple at (or near the location), we hang out for a little bit, just getting comfortable and then make our way to the spot. The session itself is just us playing games, doing weird and at times, crazy stuff and laughing. It really is a lot more simple than most people think.

When should you do engagement photos?

This one is subjective, but I personally like to do them about a few months out from the wedding. That way you have a chance to start building that relationship with your photographer after having worked with them. If you do it too close to the wedding, you’re no longer in the ‘engagement phase’, more so in the ‘about to get married’ phase. As soon as you get engaged think about organising an engagement shoot, the honeymoon phase of engagement is the best!

Can you wear white for engagement pictures?

Of course you can, there are no hard and fast rules. It really will depend on the vibe you want to go for, and the location. For example, if you shoot in a dark forest, all white might look strange. Same thing as if you are a bubbly person and shooting on a beach and you wear all black. The contrast can look cool though, so it really is a subjective call. As your photographer, I can certainly help with some fashion advice though.

Do you need engagement photos?

Short answer, no. Long answer, yes! They are the perfect way to get comfortable with your photographer, and for them to work out how to bring the best out of you. Get those awkward moments out of the way before the wedding or elopement, so that way you aren’t nervous on your big day!

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