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    Candid Engagement Photography, Newcastle NSW

    What a coincidence, fancy seeing you here! My name is James, and I am unbelievably lucky enough to call myself an engagement photographer from Newcastle on the sunny East Coast here in Australia. This isn't the only facet of my business, but it certainly is one of the best. Why? Well it takes me to so many places, and I get to meet so many amazing, loving, beautiful couples as an engagement photographer in Newcastle. So you may have heard about me from a friend, or you found me online, either way, I hope you are looking for someone, a bit different. Someone, who is a little more eccentric than most, and someone who absolutely thrives on quality banter. If you want to be posed and told what to do and be bored for an hour, I should say goodbye here. But you're awesome! That's not you! Fun, crazy and quirky is you, so let's get to know one another!

    People always ask why I do this, well, I love capturing love. Think about it, moments pass, memories fade, but photographs are with you forever! We only realise how important photographs are, when we miss someone. Because of this, I absolutely love my job. Telling stories for couples who are wildly in love is the best! When I first began providing engagement photoshoots in Newcastle, I knew it would be an interesting journey, but honestly, some of the couples I have met, and stories I have captured, have literally shaped my business, and my personal life.

    Capturing amazing imagery that will live on, forever in the minds of my clients is what I do. Newcastle couples are amazing, open, a bit quirky and a whole lot of fun! Imagine, every day, you spent your time with such awesome people as yourself, or your friends...well that's my job! Seeing people enjoy themselves at the shoot and open up in front of me, all the way to when they see their images and fall in love all over again is how I get my kicks! So why not? Forget studios, let's hit up a beach, or hike in a National Park, or stand on top a cliff for your engagement shoot! Be brave, be adventurous, be yourself!

    My main goal, is to give every couple in Newcastle a fair crack at utilising my services as a photographer. I put a lot of time and effort into creating these packages, and jamming them full of value. I also offer payment plans, similar to Afterpay, just another way I am trying to make things more easily achievable for you guys!

    My job, put simply is to capture beautiful images...wrong! My actual job, is to get to know you so well, that you have the time of your lives at the session. My job is to learn your story, individually and as a couple and help bring out your true emotions and feelings, but in a natural, not forced way. And guess what happens? You end up with stunning, emotion evoking images, that you will adore for the rest of your life! When you get the personal side of things right, the images naturally fall into line.

    I pride myself as one of the best engagement photographers in Newcastle NSW. I feel as though the reasons for which I do this job drive me towards creating the most amazing, fun, and exciting sessions ever! Believe me when I say, you will laugh, and maybe cry tears of joy if things get really weird.

    Alright, I get it, I'll zip it now! Over to you, let all that information settle. I feel like you know me a lot better than you did 5 minutes ago, and you know how and why I do what I do, and why I am able to create such stunning images. Does it sound like what you're after? I feel like if you are reading this, yeah, it is. So why not get in touch? Let's give you the most amazing engagement session you could ever imagine!

    What My Couples Say About Me

    Courtney & Matt

    Amy & Jeremy

    Lisa & Nick

    My partner and I had the opportunity to work with James White Photography. We were really nervous when we first turned up as we don't usually like taking photos. James was amazing! He made us feel so comfortable, that we actually forgot that we had only just met him, it felt like we had known him for years! We laughed so much from the conversations we had, which made for excellent, natural photos that we absolutely love. James has a genuine passion for photography and i highly recommend James White Photography. Can't wait to work with him again!


    I can’t rate James highly enough. I would 100% recommend him to anyone. He is fun and very personable which immediately made myself & my fiancé feel relaxed & comfortable around him during our engagement photo shoot and really allowed us to enjoy the moments we were capturing. Our photos were ready for us to view within a few days & we fell in love with all of them! Cannot wait for him to shoot our wedding!


    We knew we would have James as our wedding photographer as soon as we met him! Super easy to work with, not too serious or staged and incredible pictures! We had so much fun :) Thank you James!



    Just after some digital files to share on social media, or to maybe send overseas and get printed in your own time? Well this is for you! $100 session fee is required to book a spot! Travel fees may apply outside Newcastle.

    I'm on a Budget


    60 Minute Session
    2 digital files in High Resolution
    $250 towards your wedding album

    I'll Grab a Few


    60 Minute Session
    6 digital files in High Resolution
    $350 towards your wedding album

    Don't Make Me Choose, I'll Take Them All!


    60 Minute Session
    All digital files in High Resolution (approx 25-40 images)
    $450 towards your wedding album