What is this project about? Well, as part of expanding my studio, I am undertaking a few projects. This one, in particular is a favourite of mine, because, well cake. Celebrating one year of life is a major milestone, and many parents overlook capturing it, only to later regret this decision. Don’t fall into this trap. Yes plan the best first birthday ever, but do not forget to take some time to capture your family professionally, with you in the photos for once!



    So how does it work? Well first of all, if you found yourself not agreeing with the text at the top, this may not be the project for you. If you don’t really care for capturing milestones in your children’s lives, you probably won’t care for this offer. However, if you found yourself nodding and agreeing, then let’s do this! As part of this project, I am giving away a $200 clothing Voucher to the Bow Collective, as well as a totally FREE photoshoot with me! Remember, as long as your little one is around 1, it is never too early, or too late o celebrate with a cake smash!


    You made it this far, I know you want to be a part of this amazing project! So don't get distracted by Youtube videos of puppies, or amazing food blogs, enter now!

    Once your entry is received, I will schedule a quick phone chat with you, as it is important to me that the right families are participating in this project. Then...let's get you booked in!

    Shoots will take place in the Central Coast/Newcastle area.