Blue Mountains Elopement Guide

    Complete Blue Mountains Elopement Guide, Where to Elope & More

    If you’re eloping in NSW, or at least thinking about eloping in NSW, you surely know all about the Blue Mountains by now. The Blue Mountains are one of the most epic elopement locations we have in Australia. Honestly, when you look at the area, it’s not hard to see why. Not only that, but here, you’ll find amazing places to eat, drink, and adventure to have. This is my BLUE MOUNTAINS ELOPEMENT GUIDE. It is filled with everything you would ever need to know to elope in the Blue Mountains. So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump right in!

    Where is the Blue Mountains?

    The Blue Mountains is located around about 90 minutes West (inland) from Sydney by car, or about 2 hours from Central on train(I recommend driving). The Blue Mountains is a large area too, which is something to be mindful of. Oberon for example, is nearly 2 hours further west than Springwood. So definitely do not think of the Blue Mountains as a small town with a couple of locations, it is a massive area, with thousands of locations.

    If you are flying in from overseas, or even from around Australia, the closest airport is Sydney. From there, rent your car (ideally a 4WD), and drive on out. The best spot to stay in my opinion is Katoomba or Leura. Both are fairly central and have lots of good options for accomodation, food and drinks.

    Best time of year to elope in the Blue Mountains

    Here’s the beautiful thing about the Blue Mountains…they’re beautiful all year round. However, each season has its pros and cons. So depending on what you want from your Blue Mountains elopement, let’s see what season would suit you best.

    Summer (December to February) – The Blue Mountains doesn’t get super hot, usually around 20 degrees celsius. This is actually quite comfortable for an elopement. Even better, summer is not considered part of the rain season in the Blue Mountains. One of the downfalls though is people will travel out from all over the area in summer to explore trails and view lookouts. So beware, you will likely be sharing your location with others.

    Winter (June to August)- Let me preface by saying not to expect snow. In the Blue Mountains it only snows around 3 to 5 days a year, mainly in the upper mountains (think Blackheath, Oberon etc). However, it is very cold, daytime temps can be down around 5 degrees celsius. Winter it often does rain, but it actually rains less in winter than any other time of the year. One of the things to consider though due to the cold is mist and fog, which reduce visibility…these are quite prevalent conditions in winter.

    Spring/Autumn – Believe it or not, these seasons are when it rains more often, and more heavily. I personally have had great luck in the shoulder seasons, but the stats don’t lie. The temps are much more mild, and unlike summer it is unlikely to be randomly hot (over 30c).

    5 Best Locations to Elope in the Blue Mountains

    1. Landslide

    Landslide is an absolutely epic spot to have your ceremony. One of the best things about it is that it’s not much of a hike, albeit it can get pretty slippery and muddy if conditions suck. with an awesome rock platform that could easily hold 10-15 people comfortably, you can safely bring a few friends and family to this one. No booking required, but it can get busy on weekends, so consider weekdays for your Blue Mountains elopement.

    Here you’ll also get an amazing sunset should the sun be out, it will set right behind your ceremony if you set up in my favourite spot.

    Closest place to stay – Katoomba, about 10 minute drive.

    There’s a couple of really cool little spots out this way that I have found in my many times shooting out here, cannot wait to show you!

    2.Boar Head

    I absolutely love Boars Head. One of the best things is its centrality to the rest of the best Blue Mountains spots, so you could, for example, do your ceremony here, and then run off to Landslide for portraits. Or do your portraits here, and run off to Mount Hay for your sunset ceremony. Honestly, it’s really down to your imagination and desires with this one.

    One thing I will say is it does not have a big landing, unlike Landslide, or Lincolns, so getting 15-20 people out here, whilst possible, will be tricky. It also requires you to walk down a bunch of steps, so if you’re thinking of bringing Grandma, you might want to consider this beforehand.

    Closest place to stay – Katoomba, about 10 minute drive.

    There’s a couple little hidden tracks that can get you to the most amazing portrait spots, thankfully I know where they all are.

    3. Hat Hill

    Hat Hill is actually a road, which has a couple of absolutely epic spots along the way. The first is what we call Hen & Chicken rock, it’s an epic rock formation on top of the hill, which on a sunny day gets the most epic sun flares behind it, awesome foe a champagne pop. If you travel a bit further down the road (literally a few minutes), you’ll find a walkway that will take you down to the giant 30m high wave caves. In the rain these are a bit sketchy to access as you will need to scramble up the rocks, but otherwise makes for an awesome shot. There are paths all around there which can take you down to some lookouts over the valley, or up to Anvil Rock, either of which would make for an amazing location for a ceremony. Neither would be ideal for larger groups, but unlike other location require very little in terms of ‘steps’, so probably more accessible for anyone with lesser mobility.

    Nearest place to stay – Blackheath (5 minute drive).

    4. Mt Hay Trail

    Totally different to any of the other locations mentioned so far. For this one, you absolutely need local knowledge. In 2020 the bushfires which ran rampant in NSW burnt most of the paths away, so unless you know exactly where you’re going, you’ll end up lost.

    Another thing to consider for this one is that you WILL NEED a 4WD. You will hit a dirt trail about 10 minutes outside Leura, and it get’s pretty intense. So thankfully, I have a Nissan Patrol to get us there. From Laura it’s about 40 minutes through the bush to the loop. You will find this amazing walk which takes you around the trie mountain, along Cliffside’s, looking off into hundred metre drop valleys. Again, if you know where to go, you can find the path which will take you down to the Cathedral, a cave which has the most perfect ceremony location on top of it. This for me is one of the coolest locations for a ceremony in the entire Blue Mountains.

    Nearest place to stay – Leura (40 minutes drive in a 4WD)

    5. Upper Mountains

    The Upper Blue Mountains is totally different to the rest of the Blue Mountains. As you drive through the rolling hills, you’ll feel more like you’re in country NSW, Orange, or even Jindabyne. The area is not particularly cliffy, so if you are after big rugged cliffs, this is not for you. But if you wanted to perhaps have a more subtle ceremony, maybe have 20 guests with you, able to sit on chairs, well this one is probably the go. All the locations have roads that lead up to them, so much less adventure involved, and far more room for guests to comfortably see you.

    Usually after a ceremony here, I would head off to Blackheath, which is about 10-15 minute drive away. There are a bunch of amazing spots up that way which would suit perfectly for portraits in any weather condition.

    Nearest place to stay – Blackheath (10 to 15 minute drive)

    Blue Mountains Marriage Laws

    If you’re from Australia, these laws might not be a surprise to you, but if you are contemplating eloping in the Blue Mountains from overseas, here’s some important info. In order to legally get married in Australia, you must lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM) at least 30 days before the date you wish to get married. This cannot be done by you, and must be done by a registered celebrant. Your marriage must also be witnessed by two adults (over the age of 18), one of whom cannot be your celebrant, but can be your photographer/videographer.

    Blue Mountains Elopement Photographer

    If you’re still reading, no doubt you will be needing an elopement photographer for your Blue Mountains elopement. That is where I come in. I am located about 2 hours towards the coast, so not quite local, but not far away either. In fact, about 75% of the elopements I shoot are in the Blue Mountains, so I know the area like the back of my hand. No matter what weather conditions we get, or what time of day we have to shoot, I know where to go. One of the other major reasons people choose me for their Blue Mountains elopement is that I offer both photography and videography services which bundle nicely together! So if you want to hear more about my Blue Mountains Elopement Packages, then keep reading dear friend.

    Blue Mountains Elopement Celebrant

    I’ll keep it short here, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT just book any old celebrant for your elopement. They seriously make or break your day! I am going to quickly link a few who I have worked with many times before, and know on a personal level. These people will keep that energy and feeling high, and make you feel like you’re hanging out with a best mate.

    1. Jez from That Altar Guy – This guy is a total ball of fun, all about the laughs and good times, plus he knows how to record quality audio from your ceremony.
    2. Jake from Dirty Deeds Celebrant – The mullet having, leather jacket wearing celebrant straight out of an 80’s rock show.
    3. Monty from Holy Matrimonty – In case you need someone in speedos or cowboy boots to crack a literal whip to get you married.

    Blue Mountains Elopement Packages

    Let’s cut right to it hey…the dollarydoos. If you’re after a cheap option, or you don’t really care too much about photography, I’ll save you some pain now and say that I’m probably not for you. I give my couples absolutely everything I have. I help plan and coordinate the entire day, I make sure it is everything you could ever dream, and then I actually capture that.

    So what does that cost? Well Blue Mountains elopements are super variable, yours could be a base 4 hour elopement with no frills, or a 2 day elopement with video as well. But a starting point for my Blue mountains elopement packages is $4,500, which includes travel, so no extras added on later. Even at the base level, for that, you’re getting a wedding planner, coordinator, and photographer all in one! If that sounds like something you want to talk more about, fill out the form below and I will be stoked to chat with you and start mulling over some plans! If you want more information on why a blue mountains elopement would be better than a wedding, check out my top 10 reasons to elope here.

    Best places to eat & drink in the Blue Mountains


    1. Cassiopeia – If you’re looking for some of the best coffee in Katoomba, plus some cheeky little pastries, this is a must check out.
    2. Frankly My Dear Coffee – I absolutely love this place when in Katoomba, not just for the coffee (and amazing cookies), but they also do an amazing hot lunch menu. Perfect stop in the morning before your Blue Mountains elopement.
    3. Leura Garage – If you’re in Leura, this is the spot to be. Bit of a vintage throwback to a better and simpler time, quality is al they care about.
    4. Kickaboom – If you’re down in Glenbrook, this is your spot. Serving a range of filter coffees and single origins, as well as awesome food, it’s a must check!
    5. Sorensens Glasshouse – If you want the most amazing ricotta pancakes and coffee in Leura, this is a place well worth stopping at, plus the gardens are hella cute!
    6. DBL Ristretto – I mean, just look at the name. If you know anything about coffee, you know these guys probably take it pretty seriously. If you’re in Springwood, check it out!


    1. 8 Things – This is my hands down favourite place for lunch. Get the lamb tacos or the Bali Nasi, you cannot go wrong. They serve up 8 dishes from 8 regions of the world, absolutely banging!
    2. The Bootlegger Bar – If low and slow BBQ and smokehouse meats plus great beer and whisky is your vibe, then I probably don’t need to say any more…click the link, find them and thank me later. Well worth a pit stop after your Blue Mountains elopement ceremony.
    3. Papadinos Pizza – No doubt my favourite place in the Mountains. I actually had my first dinner date in the mountains with my wife, so always a special one for me. Good, solid, old school pizzas, value for money, quality beers…it’s a win every time!
    4. Restaurant Nook – Honestly, I hate seafood! But I love pasta. Enter, Lobster Ravioli…to die for! If you like moody dinners by candlelight, you need to head to Blaxland and check these guys out.


    1. Mountain Culture Beer Co – Who doesn’t love hanging out at an awesome local brewery? Great beers, awesome tunes, and in this case, even better food. Try the Hazy IPA and the Brewers burger! Thank me later.
    2. Station Bar – Serving up amazing cocktails and woodier pizzas on a cold night in the mountains…does it get much better than that?
    3. Aunty Ed’s – You’ll immediately get the feeling you’re home when you walk inside. Sit back, enjoy a cocktail or two, and just let the nostalgic feelings wash over you.

    10 Best Activities to do in the Blue Mountains

    1. Jenolan Caves – When you come out to the Blue Mountains for your elopement, don’t just stay 1 night. Make a weekend or even a week of it. If you’re up for a bit of an adventure, check out the caves. Roughly an hour west of Katoomba, it’s well worth the drive.
    2. Abseiling & Climbing – If you are a bit more into high octane stuff, this is for you. High & Wild will take you on an adventure, climbing, abseiling, canyoning, whatever tickles your fancy. This is probably one of the coolest ways to see the Blue Mountains, but do it after your elopement, not before, just in case you get whipped into a rock!
    3. Scenic World – An absolute must if you get a good day. The cable car that takes you right across the top of the valley is wild, with the glass bottom floor, you get the most amazing views of the entire Blue Mountains.
    4. Biking tours – If checking out the Blue Mountains on a bike is more your thing than hiking on foot, check this out. The Blue Mountains has some of the most amazing mountain biking trails, covering all skill levels. An awesome way to see what the mountains has to offer.