two brides embracing in a golden field under the Australian sun at Lynwood hunter valley wedding venue favourite

Alanna & Bridie – Lynwood Estate Wedding

I know it seems crazy, but this is actually in the Hunter, only 20 minutes from Maitland! When I first laid eyes on it, it felt like I was out in Tamworth of Orange! What an epic place to shoot a wedding!

Super lucky to be involved with such a talented team on this styled shoot at Lynwood Estate, and so lucky to have our engaged couple shoot with us for the day! It was a bit of a trek for them, having a cute as fuck newborn baby in tow, but it was so worth it! Wild open fields, rolling mountains and views for days! This was perfection. Combining my 2 favourite things, cardio and too much sun, this shoot had it all!

Check out the shots below, some of my favourite from the day! If you want to chat about capturing your day like this, get in touch and let’s have a chat!


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