5 Tips on How To Dress for Your Family Photoshoot

    5 Tips For How To Dress for Your Family Photoshoot

    I already know two things about you if you are reading this post! You’re a parent, and this means you’re busy and pressed for time (if you aren’t, this article may bore you). So, let me keep this super short, and sweet. This post is going to be a mash up of experience I have collected since starting in this industry. I have photographed over 250 families in that time. Here are my 5 top tips on how to dress for your family photoshoot!

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    1. Keep It Simple

    The irony in that keeping it simple, is notoriously difficult! My advice to you is first to start with a colour palette in mind. If you are unsure, I suggest darker tones always make skin tones pop more, and you can always ad splashes of white or colour. Same rule goes for white clothing! If it looks silly, scrap it. For example, don’t wear green pants and a blue top with a rep pair of shoes, you feel me?

    Another little piece of advice in dressing for your family photoshoot, is to avoid busy patterns. Check out The Ireland Family for some coordination inspo! Stripes, and huge logos will also clutter up an image. Best to avoid them, as we want people to be paying attention to you and the family, not the cool t-shirts you are wearing.

    2. You don’t have to be trendy

    Remember back in the 80’s, or maybe even 70’s (I don’t know how old you are and I won’t ask)? Do you remember how you thought that fashion would never go out of style? Well…how do you feel about it now? Exactly! When dressing for your family photoshoot, keep in mind, that a photo captures a moment in time, forever. Will what you are wearing still look good in 20 years?

    My suggestion is to keep with classics. Denim jeans will never, and I mean never go out of fashion! Neither will chinos! Button up shirts on men, and sun dresses for women too. Check out The Kirovski Family here rocking some classic denim and puffer jackets to see what I mean! Don’t take this to mean you can’t dress well and cool, but if you wear something that is just ‘on trend’ this season, it may well look silly next…so unless you’re prepared to do another photoshoot next year, keep it simple and avoid such clothing choices.

    3. Bring a few changes of clothes

    Let’s be honest here, neither of us are fashion experts, unless you are, in which case why are you reading this? But let’s assume that we aren’t, we should probably account for that, yes? Of course! How? Well we bring spare clothes, just in case we have things like a colour clash, or the colour palette doesn’t suit the location. Being able to change a t-shirt, or change a jacket is an easy fix, and a surefire way to ensure we get great photos.

    On top of all that, we can always change outfits throughout the session to ensure more variety in your shots too! So it’s a bit of a win-win now, isn’t it?

    4. Coordinating does not mean matching

    This one often stumps people, but their intentions are good. Quite often, when attempting to dress for a family photoshoot, people will end up in matching clothes. Let me clarify what I mean here. Coordinated outfits would mean you are all wearing neutral tones and no clashing patterns. Matching outfits means you are all wearing the exact same thing. I generally suggest against matching outfits. Why? Because even though you all want to look coordinated, you each have distinct, unique personalities. You aren’t the same person, so create some variations in the outfit.

    5. Wear something comfortable

    All too often, people misunderstand how to dress for a family photoshoot. They assume, like most times they have been photographed (probably at weddings), you need to dress up. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Check out The Summers Family, they all rocked board-shorts, and didn’t wear shoes! Why? Because they are a beach family, that is what unites and binds them. They feel most comfortable as a family when they are dressed for the beach, not in button up shirts and long pants.

    The lesson here, don’t try and be someone you’re not! If you feel comfortable dressed in smart casual, then go for it, but if you feel comfortable in board-shorts, go for gold! Just make sure you are coordinated. If one of you wants board-shorts, and the rest smart casual, there will need to be some compromise.

    stunning family photoshoot on beach sunset. candid shot captured by james white hunter valley wedding photographer

    There you go! My top 5 tips on how to dress for your family photoshoot. Follow these and you will surely be stoked with the images you have. Remember, these are your memories to cherish forever, so you want to make the most of this opportunity. Don’t be afraid to challenge me though, rules are made to be broken, and if you are the kind of person who enjoys that, let’s see what you can do! Get in touch and we will organise the perfect shoot for you and the family!

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