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5 Ways to Make Wedding Planning Stress Free

5 Ways to Make Wedding Planning Stress Free


Let me start this post with the most relevant piece of information I can give you…an actual bride who gave me her views on wedding planning:

“How to make wedding planning stress free? It’s tough, trust me! But it can be done. How did I do it? I guess it’s a combination of things, but to simplify it, I didn’t second guess myself, I trusted my gut. I made sure not to waste time and procrastinate just to feel busy. When I found something or someone I liked, I booked them in and then left it. Finally, I picked such a strong team to be with me on the day, they kept my stress levels at a total minimum. I love those girls!”

Now obviously there is more to it than this. However, Speaking to all the couples I have had the pleasure of working with, these things come up time and time again. Often times my couples have learned from their mistakes and come to these realisations, but you don’t have to! You can read on, and learn right here, how to make wedding planning stress free!

Pick the perfect wedding party

I love this point, as I have both been selected in parties, and selected my own party. Now, I don’t want to downplay the role of the boys, but my wife’s bridal party played a much greater role in making the wedding planning stress free. In saying that, the boys did distract me a lot with the occasional beers and FIFA night, so that certainly helped! Either way, pick the right people. People you know will be there for you, people you know will take responsibility and get things done. Do not be afraid to delegate tasks to them. They are there to help, and you will return the favour one day for them, so don’t feel bossy or intrusive. Having a small team that you trust who will help you will surely remove the edge from the whole wedding planning process…plus you get to hang out with your friends more. Win win, right?

Remember that it is your wedding!

This goes without saying! You aren’t doing this to please everyone, you’re doing this for you and your partner! Trust me when I say, everyone will want to have their say on what you should do, and what you shouldn’t. They often ma well, but they fail to realise, it is your bi day, not theirs. You need to do things for yourself. By trying to please everyone, you will stress yourself to the walls.

Forget Traditions you don’t care for

Maybe you hate dancing, or you don’t want your partners head up your dress in front of your father? I don’t know, i’m not you, but I do know something. If you feel uncomfortable doing something, don’t do it! There is no rule book you need to abide by when planning a wedding. Going back to my first point, do remember, if you tell others you won’t be doing a first dance for example, they will give you their 2 cents, just explain to them that this is your day, and they are free to do a first dance at their next wedding.

Trust your gut

You’ve been told this one before right? Were you right? What about when someone has told you something, or asked you to do something, but it just didn’t feel right? Did you do it? Were you right? It’s pretty crazy, but trusting your ‘gut feeling’, or intuition is a pretty surefire way to get things right. You innately want the best for yourself, so your gut is going to do it’s best to direct you towards things that will bring you success and joy.

So why not trust your gut when it comes to choosing vendors? Often times I speak to couples who are searching for venues and they just visited their perfect venue. I ask if they booked it, and they tell me they have 8 more to see, just in case. why? You just found a venue you told me was perfect! Remember this, if you keep looking, you will always find something better. You will eventually settle on something, in this case a venue. This goes for other vendors, particularly photographers. If you find someone whose style you love, who fits your budget, and who is available for your date, why keep looking, just in case? Just book them in! Getting things locked away, with someone you trust is going to make wedding planning stress free, and significantly more efficient too.

Things will go wrong…accept it

I know, I’m sorry, but it is the truth! There is no such thing as the perfect wedding. Things can go one of two ways though, and it is totally up to you. If you come at it with the expectation that it is going to be a picture perfect, no issues wedding, you will be highly stressed, because the smallest thing could destroy that expectation. However, if you have the expectation that the day will be great, but you will probably incur a few hiccups along the way, when they happen (and they will) you will be able to laugh them off! You already have a wedding party, and hopefully a photographer (we do a lot more than just take photos) who will intercept most issues and put out most fires before you even know they exist. It’s totally up to you which route you take, but the latter is a surefire way to make wedding planning stress free, and to ensure your anxiety levels are minimised on your big day.two grooms sit outside cute little chapel after wedding ceremony, surrounded by green tropical trees and a waterfall - wedding planning tips

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